Friday, October 30, 2009

So, apparently, once isn't enough!

I've got a chest infection of some sort.....praying it's not H1N1 in the works. Everyone at home who went to Toronto with me has been sick, and I'm fighting the good fight!

So, last night, I did go to my WW meeting (not great news, but it's okay)...I didn't gain a ton and I'm back 100% OP. 168.2. I'm okay with that. I'm still going to use my Wii Fit WIs for my tracker (they're accurate, but taken first thing in the morning)....and that completely works for me.

So, back to the Once isn't Enough! I signed up for another stair climb....this one is a baby one - One Canada Place (in London), again for the United Way - but it's only 25 floor or 472 steps - it's a baby climb compared to last weekend's 1700+!

Promise to get with my exercise program as soon as I can breathe comfortably again and start pushing the meantime, I'm walking and earning at least 3 APs per day.


  1. you are a climbing superstar!

  2. oh and hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Good job on the climb. I too have been sick with a cold that is going around. You and I are at the same weight now...I gained a few while sick ughh! But we will do this. I use the Wii as well to monitor my weight. I am hoping that Monday I can get back to swimming and THE SHRED. I want to get to 152 ish. How about you?