Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring has sprung! Part II!

Yes it has! Tomorrow I'm going to post pics that I've already taken and that I will be taking of my garden are looking awesome right now!

Lots of APs (activity points) this weekend - lugging a zillion wheelbarrows of horse manure to flower beds.....and seeding grass around the new patio - more lugging of wheelbarrows of dirt to the seed bed.....and transplanting tiny annuals in the greenhouse

Can't wait!

Monday, April 26, 2010


So sorry for shouting, but I think spring is here and will finally stick.

How do I know? Well, I have this absolutely fabulous Magnolia tree in my front yard (I'll try to remember to take a photo of it later today if it's not raining)....well, every year, it comes out in bloom and POOF! We get a killer frost that nearly wipes it out.....then next day - warm again?! True to form, it happened again.....BUT, because it has been so much warmer earlier this year, it wasn't quite in full bloom when it froze, so I'm hoping that by tomorrow it will be gorgeous again.

Busy time at home for us now.....I live on a farm for those of you who don't know. Seedlings in the greenhouse for my gardens need to be transplanted....LOVE the solitude of being alone in the greenhouse and playing in the dirt. Lots of "free" exercise in the form of squats, heavy lifting and lots of stretching! This evening, after work, that's where I'm headed!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


just wrote a long post and it disappeared into cyberspace....grrrrrr.....

Well, not going to try and recreate what I had written....

Very busy time of year for us few days will be about focus, organization and execution.....

....included in that will be craziness like water, activity and tracking foods!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Great new Toy/Tool

Okay, a lot of you out there will likely say something to the effect of "welcome to the age of technology;" however, I'm still going to write about it. I bought myself an IPod Touch just after the holidays and I'm finally getting around to finding out more about it. Last night, found out that because I now have wireless in the house, I can access WW online to track my food intake/activity/water, etc........don't have to boot up a computer, don't have to do any of that....and can likely access to track in a lot more places than I would have dreamed of!

Lots of weeding on deck for today after work.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4 days and feeling FABULOUS!

Four days back on program and tracking and FEELING FABULOUS!

Lots of lawncutting on deck for this evening.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I did it!

Soooooooo excited!

-1.4 at weigh-in today!

That is all.....for now

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wooohoooey it's Monday!

Gooood morning everyone! Okay, so it's almost noon around here....been busy working this morning!

Anyhoo, back on track, I am tracking my foods, tracking my weight loss, tracking my exercise and oops, forgot to go refill the water bottle (will go when I finish this post).

Today is Monday - day 3 of me back on track! GRIN!

Today is a very busy day, so will only squeeze a 30 minute power walk in at lunchtime (off in a few minutes).....

Tomorrow won't be too much better as I need to drive about 1.5 hours from home to pick up my daughter's new car after work, but I will do my 30 minute power walk at lunchtime.

Wednesday - another power walk at lunchtime, then back to the gym - going to do a Zumba class if there's room!

Thursday - yet another power walk at lunchtime - lovely weather, so why not!? Then after work, back to the gym again! Pure Cardio for me.

Friday - power walk at lunchtime, then serious gardening until the sun goes down.

Later gators

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

I did it! 1756 steps, 144 flights, 40 minutes and 37 seconds.......that's three minutes and 9 seconds less than October's climb. My friend who went with me blew my time right out of the water coming in at an even 32 minutes......I knew she would! We had an awesome day in Toronto yesterday as well....AWESOME!

I'm pumped, motivated and will stay not only on track with food, but will also keep up being physically active.

Focused, driven, motivated......I'm going to be a success!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tomorrow is the big day!

I'm getting up at 4:30, on the road before 5......picking up my friend near Toronto and arriving at the CN Tower for the big climb shortly after 7. 144 flights of stairs my friends! I did it in October and I'm going to do it again tomorrow! Last time 43:48, this time, who knows! I know I'm NOT in good shape right now, but I know now that you don't push hard at all at the beginning of the will do what I know I need to do not to get discouraged early on.

Then rest of the morning and afternoon will be spent walking around St-Lawrence Market and Kensington Market and China Town..........then drive to Hamilton to pick up an antique buffet hutch that DSO and I bought last weekend, and then home to collapse!

Can't wait!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

I took a few days off life......wasn't feeling 100% physically, headachey, stomach a little off. Saturday and Sunday we drove to Hamilton (and stayed overnight) and my stepson's basketball team won gold - I've never seen them push so hard - they were awesome! WTG Jammers!

Monday and Tuesday - lots of spring cleaning - what on earth is it about spring cleaning? I make more mess while cleaning and the house is still in shambles, though much cleaner than it was on Monday morning! It will likely take me several days to get it back to "normal!"

Back at work today for the rest of the week. A few challenges there and a few hurdles to get through.

I've also been doing yard work at home and working in my greenhouse - quite a few of my annuals have shown their face!

This Saturday, I'm meeting, face-to-face, for the first time with two ladies who I've known from the WW boards for 4+ years! Addie who just moved from BC to just west of Toronto in Feburary is climbing with me (I'm picking her up at 6:30am!) and Melody will meet up with us later! Can't wait!

WW meeting and WI tomorrow night as I did not make it to my usual meeting yesterday at lunch because I wasn't in the office!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Day of Reckoning

I went home last night and had a little pitty party for myself. I'm feeling sorry for myself right now.......CANNOT get my head around the fact that I may now be in menopause (I can't believe I've written that down), and that I will be turning 50 this year, and that I cannot seem to get a grip and stay focused on taking care of me. I spoke to my sweetheart about it last night and he's being incredibly accepting, supportive, well frankly amazing, and I still just can't seem to care about me.

Syl wrote and amazing post on her blog today: "I fear that you will find this post motivating but will not motivate yourself." This is just part of what she wrote and it is almost as if she read my mind and put it out there for everyone to see. Thanks Syl, might just be part of the kick in the head I need to get myself into the right headspace.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My First Week Back at WW Meetings

I tracked - 50% of the time
I made excuses not to exercise - 50% of the time
I gained .2 lbs.

Enough said.

So this week, I'm tracking, I'm moving and I'm renewing my love for the outdoors and finding opportunities, and making & keeping commitments to work out.

Tonight - planting seeds in the greenhouse - lots of squats, lunges and stretches
Tomorrow night - back at the gym for 60 minutes of cardio
Friday night - gung-ho on house cleaning as we're away at a basketball most of the weekend
Saturday morning - 30 Day Shred before leaving
Sunday - gardening and cleaning out the barn

Next week:
Monday - Aquafit at lunchtime with gardening after work
Tuesday - back at the gym & my WW WI!
Wednesday - more water
Thursday - gym
Friday - gym
Saturday & Sunday - the great outdoors - I'd like to start riding B again!


I'll let you know how it goes!