Friday, July 24, 2009

WW Works - don't ya know!

Phew....WI had me down 2.6 this week! GRIN!

Planning and tracking works...go figure!

I'm happy.....more later, maybe!?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

One more!

Okay, am I turning into Syl? I feel I need to share food with you...almost tempted to take pictures of it too! Eeeesh (couldn't be influenced by a sweeter friend than you, Syl!).

Recommendation: WW recipe: Cuban Chicken Skewers - marinate for as long as you like (I think recipe says 2-8 hours - mine were 24+ hours)......and grilled summer veggies - VERY points friendly, very tasty, very satisfying!

Next time I make them, I'll post a photo - promise!

I feeeeel GOOOOD!

WI is tonight and I'm looking forward to my first WW WI at my meeting! Yes, indeedy, I am so! Why? Well, seems like I'm clue what the scale is saying, but I do know my inches are leaving me...the extra inches...the blubbery ones! Today, I have a great NSV to share - heck might even have to take a photo this evening because I'm feeling so good!

About two months ago, I bought four new pairs of capris - two jean, one black, one navy...only wore the black and one jean pair as there was no way that I could stay in the waistband of the other ones - way too much in the middle...I figured I'd work towards wearing them....tried them on about 2 weeks ago and NO WAY still....well, today, I'm comfortably in one of the jean pairs! Muffin middle is all but gone and it took the back b00bs with it! How cool is that?

So plan today - stay OP, go to the gym at 4 - WI at 5 - meeting at 5:15 - soccer game to watch at 6:30......home by...well, eventually!

Have a great day my friends (that is if anyone is actually reading my posts!)....and maybe tomorrow I'll have a picture or two to share....just maybe!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

Seriously! Terrific!

Okay, so I've been OP with WW since July 12th, the day my girlfriend from Montreal was coming to visit.....she's also on WW. We had an awesome weekend....and I told all of you about the recommitment to the gym and how my other girlfriend, Gail, and I have agreed to meet at the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays after work and how we both rejoined WW meetings last Thursday night.

So, I've discovered that I can track on the on-line tracker, but it's not working that well for me, apparently, tracking on paper is better.....Wendy (my Montreal friend) and I took our measurements on July 12th. Yesterday morning, I visited the washroom and noticed in the mirror that maybe I was a little less poofy!? Anyhoo, skipped my mind and when I got dressed this morning and put on my bra, it didn't fit the same...could it be? Well, I got out the tape measure because I was curious - here's what's happened in only 11 days:

Bust -1
Rib cage -3!
Waist -3!
Hips -1
Butt -.5

in 11 days! I'm so excited about that....I'm feeling a lot less bloated.....I'm feeling in control....and I'm motivated like you wouldn't believe to stay this way! Wooohooooey!

Syl - you go girl!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ahhhh, Monday again!

I feeeeeeeelllll good!
I knew that I would!

I feeeeeeeellll nice........

Yes, I had a great OP weekend. Tracked, used some FP, but planned my food, drank my water, earned some APs and I'm smiling today!

Feeling so much less bloated - it's awesome.

Saturday was a golf was loads of fun - and I found a driver that I can actually do some damage with! Dear Tony - please add it to my Christmas list! It would be awesome to have that new driver for Florida!

I knew the menu for Saturday night, so I planned, and ate only what I said I would.....and I only drank what I planned on drinking (can't very well go to an Optimist Golf Tournament and not drink, honestly!).

So Sunday was my MIL's birthday party, of course at our house.....I planned, I ate less than I thought I would and I passed on dessert - dessert made by me, no less! Planned for two glasses of wine, and now I'm smiling!

I did some walking and played golf on Saturday - yesterday was "run around like a chicken with it's head cut off" day, so no formal APs, but I did do a lot of house cleaning and cooking, so it's not like I sat and read a book all day!

Today, walk planned at lunch (30 minutes and leaving shortly), mucking out horsie land when I get home, followed by some gardening and lugging furniture and plants back onto the new porch, which I truly hope, will be finished when I get home today.

WW meetings seem to be inspiring me to be religious....hope this new-found faith in myself and my strength and determination to see this through are going to stick. ....that's the plan!

Now, one thing I'll share with you.......this week's homework was 1/2 plate of vegetables, so when I was piling up my plate last night at dinner (lucky it was buffet), I had 2 kinds of salad, loads of chopped veggies, a smidge of dip that I made myself so I knew the points, some lean protien (basically only a taste of everything that was brought to the table)...and I even skipped dessert!

Go me!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Things happen for a reason

I firmly believe that sometimes, things are meant to be.

Last night, went to the gym with my friend Gail and lo and behold, right next door, they were adding a new WW meeting to their schedule....on Thursdays.....when we're at the gym. So we went into the gym, did a shorter workout, then went to the meeting.....and I've now recommitted for 6 months.......

Wi was a bit of a shocker at first, until I decided to follow the advice I've given to many others over the years - it's only a starting point....what the number is really doesn't matter, it's committing to making it change downwards that does matter.

So, 170.8 is my start weight (now I usually WI on Sunday mornings with no clothing on, this was Thursday after work, obviously fully clothed!).

Watch out scale, I'm gunnin' for ya! DOWN into the 160s is the theme for next week. DOWN, I say!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 2 into the new job.....and.....

So far, it's fabulous! New challenges, new opportunities, turning a page in my book of life, but not just wrt my job, I'm also finding I'm more settled in many things....could it be the change in office areas and work environment, I do believe that's part of it. I think, moreso, my continued positive outlook is thanks to the 10 days I had off work, the gardening and heavy work that's being done in our year/patio/deck right now and everything is just turning up roses! Phew!

June first I recommitted to WW and looking after myself. July 12th, I'm thrilled to say I've lost 7 lbs in that six-week period. Obviously things are falling into place. My best friend in the whole world came to visit with her three teens last weekend and she too is on WW.......she's five lbs short of her goal and has been going hard-core for most of the past 12 months. I'm fed up of waiting, she's giving me the oomph I need to focus more, and succeed more! Three lbs were tossed to the curb in 3 short days....I know they were wanting to leave for quite some time, but she helped me work that much harder and then POOF....they were gone! NEVER will they return - NEVER I tell you!

Tomorrow, another new page.....going to a new gym (same group of gyms, just new location) with my girlfriend from my last job.....she got me to join in the first place, but somehow we've never been able to get it together......5pm tomorrow, watch out, body, here we go! We've promised to hit the gym twice a week......and walk in between. I even brought my new walking runners to work with me so I can go out at lunchtime when the weather is fine! Even have a nice course mapped out for around campus....a few hills here and there....short distance, longer distance, depending on how my schedule allows.

More later, but I think that finally, I'm back!

Monday, July 13, 2009

WOW - Big Changes, BIG ONES!

Today is my last day in my office....and is probably why I'm lounging around not finishing what I need to do so I can finally turn off the lights and close the door for the last time......

Tomorrow, is a new day, full of opportunities and new challenges!

I'll be a few let you know how it went!