Friday, May 24, 2013


Well, I made it through this week :)!

...and in listening attentively to my body, have come out in much better shape than I went in. Phew!

So, I've been controlling my salt intake, resting when my head goes in circles, and pushing hard when I'm feeling good - it's a great thing!  And it MUST continue!

Over the next few days/weeks, I will share some photos of what planting season on zee farm looks like.  As the grass pollen isn't in full swing right now, I will be able to lend a hand and actually spend some time on the planter.  We use a machine with 4 workers on the back to plant our peppers and tomatoes, and moreso our tobacco.  To me, believe it or not, it's a very relaxing process and allows me to spend some time outdoors playing in the dirt.

That being said, I have a gazillion and one projects on the go at home in the gardens as well and need to keep on top of them, now that I'm almost caught up there as well.

I guess I should also mention that I always take one week's vacation from work at the university during planting season, so I will also be focusing on purging "stuff" that collects in the mudroom over the winter, hopefully hit up my garage for the same decluttering, and maybe even get the kitchen woodwork painted (just doors and door/window frames)...heck, if things are really good, might get the main-floor bathroom painted!

I will be tracking on MFP - every single thing that goes into my mouth, and all hopes are that my head will be okay and I'll be able to get in either a morning or evening run or bike ride each day.

Them's the plans folks!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday - week 1-all-over-again

Well, tracking calories (this is week 2 or 3 back tracking, but week 1 doing exercise too due to dizziness), and I'm down to a new low for 2013....finally, movement in the right direction.

I'm still a bit lightheaded, so am listening to my body when it says STOP!

I did a lot of outdoor work last night, but did stop when I couldn't handle any more.

Scale is down to 170.4 this morning :)!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A rough couple of weeks....but I'm back!

Things I hate about Meniere's Disease - flares come out and bite you in the @ss, well, more like the head......and they come out of nowhere.

I was feeling pretty darned good and in control.

When that happens, I often end up getting a bit "cocky" and sometimes throw caution to the wind....which of course, I did, once again.  A bit a processed food, leads to a bit more, which leads to being off balance, which leads to a pitty party, which leads to BAM! 

Our Canadian spring long-weekend was this past weekend...I spent 1.5 days on the couch sleeping off dizziness.  Much better than the past few weeks, that's for sure.  I did have a crazy amount of work to do outdoors and "went for it!"

So, still struggling, focused on listening to my body right now.....

Great thing:  I am tracking!