Tuesday, July 19, 2011


How could I have forgotten to post here yesterday?

I have something serious to celebrate - really!

I AM NO LONGER OVERWEIGHT! My BMI is now 24.9!!!!!!

Yes, I know, it's just barely in the "normal" range, but IT'S IN THE NORMAL RANGE!

I'm smiling!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


That's today's word!

I woke up refreshed - amazing!
I did an hour of gardening (mostly watering and dead-heading plants) at 6:30 this morning - it was so cool in the garden and birds were singing - amazing!
I packed a perfect 17DD lunch and added my pre-workout snack (veggies & hummus) - amazing!
I feel awesome - more amazing!

Most amazing to me - I've been working out consistently for 5 weeks now and can truely see differences in my body - it's stronger, it's alive! AMAZING!

For some reason, I still cannot post on anyone's blogs....very strange!????

Just want folks to know that I'm not ignoring you, I just can't post on your blogs!

Marcy - still can't post!?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Finally the middle of the week! Nice!!!!!!

Still have problems with posting on other folks' blogs - not sure why....

Leanne: hope you see this - I'm so happy to see that you're active again - which must mean you're healing and finally starting to feel like "you" again - wonderful news - praying that this sticks this time!

Marcelle: Day 2 for me was strong - actually 100% bang on! Nuts are my go-to as well if I am neither hungry or don't have a lot of time......okay, so it's not exactly C1, but whatever, it is included in clean eating!

Today's food all planned.

Workout with my trainer last night rocked - all legs, legs, and more legs......holy cow! LOVE how they feel, starting to love how they look! Now can I have of that feeling/love for my mid section? I know, I know, patience, it will catch up eventually!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


For some reason, I cannot add comments to any of my fave blogs today.

One comment I felt I wanted to make was to Marcelle: I don't think there's any "right way" to do the 17DD - no carbs, 2 probiotics, clean eating is the bottom line and you did great on day 1!

I'm right here with you on day 2.....and will be working out with my trainer after work today!

Stay tuned....new me is under construction! So far, I'm lovin' the journey - FINALLY!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Today's Blog: ALMOST!

ALMOST is a great word!

For instance - I'm ALMOST no longer overweight! How cool is that! My BMI as of today is 25.1 - almost NORMAL!!!!!!

I'm ALMOST ready to start C25K - still working through some leg strenthening exercises with my trainer and working on my ankles this week - for some reason they have been bugging me a bit the past few weeks and we're looking at what needs to be done to strengthen them.

I had an awesome return to work this morning - other than the yelling and screaming part (that was me when the alarm went off this morning!).......more than one person told me how awesome I was looking and that I had lost so much weight!

Well, in fact, weight has decreased a little......but working out consistently and often has made such awesome changes to my body that it's now very evident! Back b**bs are gone! Muffin middle, ALMOST gone (there's that word again!)........and I'm feeling awesome!

So, have a fabulous week, month, whatever.....

I'm ALMOST back on the road I want to be on......just gearing back mentally into work mode and then I'll be bang on!

Clean eating is making me feel like a million bucks - adding formal workouts in 3-5 per week has just made me feel that much better!