Thursday, July 14, 2011


That's today's word!

I woke up refreshed - amazing!
I did an hour of gardening (mostly watering and dead-heading plants) at 6:30 this morning - it was so cool in the garden and birds were singing - amazing!
I packed a perfect 17DD lunch and added my pre-workout snack (veggies & hummus) - amazing!
I feel awesome - more amazing!

Most amazing to me - I've been working out consistently for 5 weeks now and can truely see differences in my body - it's stronger, it's alive! AMAZING!

For some reason, I still cannot post on anyone's blogs....very strange!????

Just want folks to know that I'm not ignoring you, I just can't post on your blogs!

Marcy - still can't post!?

1 comment:

  1. You sound is such a happier place to when we met via blog a few months ago. Its wonderful ~ so good to hear.

    Can you try my blog again as have changed the settings to allow anyone to comment.