Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wrapping it up.......

Today is my last day in the office - back March 4th.

Adventures are coming our way

Seoul (yes, South Korea)
Philippines (on a little island)

I cannnnnnot wait!


Update a few minutes later:  I just read Tara's recent blog post and have been waivering on taking a break from social media myself.

I've finally decided that while I'm away on vaca, I'm going to be away from all social media as well.

Plans for the holiday are to be as active as possible, eat sensibly, and chill - recharge the batteries - come back refreshed.

I will not lie - I will be checking in on FB from time to time just so I can chat with my girls while I'm away, but I won't wander over to my News Feed to see what everyone else is up to.

I know that on past vacations (nothing was ever this adventurous, though), I've always had great success with coming back refreshed and lighter - in weight, in mindset.  I'm looking forward to feeling like me again :)

Stay well and safe while I'm gone!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Yes Siree! It's Snowing!

I drove my new truck to work today - it usually sits in the garage so I'm not piling on the mileage ... my old van is fine to drive to work most days.

It's the first time I've taken it out in lots of snow and I have to say that the Nissan Frontier is by far the best truck I have ever driven in snow - 4X4, of course - but seriously, in all of my years of driving in Montreal winters and through snowsqualls in SouthWestern Ontario - this is the BEST!

I did come into work - though most people didn't .... you know, the ones who live IN TOWN. 

Oh well, have to get through today and then will take pics over the weekend!

I know I will be getting oodles of exercise points with shoveling when I get home!


Thursday, February 7, 2013


Could it be?  Really?  OMGosh I'm so excited!

They're forecasting 15-25cms of snow for us here in SouthWesternOntario overnight tonight and into tomorrow.  Could it be that we will finally get a bonafide snow day?

We have a lovely snowmobile that hasn't been used more than a few hours on one day this year - it would be awesome to get this baby out and play in the snow for a bit this weekend!

Lots of shoveling comes with snow - I love shoveling - when I have the time and don't need to be somewhere, that is :)

Happy almost snowday!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Hump Day and Staying Healthy

Happy Hump Day!

The day where I just don't commit to anything.

It's my "just be" day.

Do you have a day where you just do whatever?  Okay, I still need to do what I need to do today - ie I'm going to work!  But when I get home, I'm not setting ANY expectations, other than my fiancé and I are just going to spend time together.

Staying healthy - well, we are about to head out on what I'm calling "the trip of a lifetime!"  I'm praying that neither of us gets sick before/during/after our trip!  We started the Ducorol treatment (with the cholera) yesterday - boy that was joyful - YUCK!  Anyhoo, one more next week before we leave.  We also have anti-malaria meds to take two days before we leave for the Philippines.  I've heard they can make you feel kind of off.  These things are fine.  But, that lovely flu/plague that's going around?  Please, oh, please, I've had my share of it over the years, please take this year to give us a pass? 

Food is packed and tracked for my day.  Snackage later with DF will be something of his choosing, but I know he will keep it real.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

So I decided to cut myself some slack

and stop obsessing over what the scale says, that I MUST do this and CAN'T do that.

I have a lot on my plate at work right now and need to stay focused on getting through what I need to get through.  Adding stress about eating, working out, and sleeping enough is not going to help this.

So, a few days ago, I decided - enough already.

So..............Superbowl Sunday, I overate - thankyouverymuch carbs.  Moving on.

Yesterday...........made and packed a healthy lunch.  Got home from work (starting the day with a 7am meeting) and was exhausted.  Changed into my housecoat and sat on the couch to watch some mindless TV.  Nobody was home.......so I just decided - NAP TIME!   A short while later, while I was still sitting there feeling useless, my daughter came home and looked at me and said "gym."  To be perfectly honest it was the absolute last thing I wanted to do.  Really. 

End result:  50 minutes of hard cardio!  Yes folks, I did it!  Feel so much better for it too.

Today:  started off similarly (minus the 7am meeting) - healthy food made/packed, stressful day at work to get through.

Tonight:  I made a pact with my kid.......gym at 7:30.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Brain dump alert!  Warning, whatever :)

I'm stuck.

In a rut.

I'm stressed.

BUT, I have a plan....and have given myself permission to work though the stress (it's a project at work that is all-consuming).

Workouts this weekend - ZERO.  The reason - the trainer I met for the orientation at the new gym last week hurt me.  I did not agree with a lot of what he was showing me, having worked with two very experienced trainers in the past few years.  He had me do stretching/warm ups with bands for my shoulders and arms and I have reaggravated the arthritis in my left shoulder which was finally becoming manageable again.  Now, don't get me wrong, I spent a good part of yesterday sanding down and washing down old doors in our house, getting them ready for me to paint next weekend.  Lots of shoulder/arm work in that, believe you me.  Advil is my friend too.....

So, have made a pact with my youngest daughter - workout schedule leading up to our departure on Feb 14th:  Mon/Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/Wed.

DF and I went and did a good healthy grocery shop yesterday, so there is very little cr@p in the house right now and lots of lovely healthy green and fresh things!

I will track on MFP starting again tomorrow until our departure.......

...and when I come back from our trip, hopefully refreshed, the hard work will continue.  Rebuilding the "new" me is a big project!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday :)