Thursday, February 7, 2013


Could it be?  Really?  OMGosh I'm so excited!

They're forecasting 15-25cms of snow for us here in SouthWesternOntario overnight tonight and into tomorrow.  Could it be that we will finally get a bonafide snow day?

We have a lovely snowmobile that hasn't been used more than a few hours on one day this year - it would be awesome to get this baby out and play in the snow for a bit this weekend!

Lots of shoveling comes with snow - I love shoveling - when I have the time and don't need to be somewhere, that is :)

Happy almost snowday!


  1. You are probably the only person I know that is happy when snow arrives :)

    Enjoy the snow.

    1. We get a lot of it so rarely that it's long as you don't have to be anywhere by a specific time!

      I'm at work today, but then I have a lovely new 4x4 truck to drive which made the slide to work much easier!