Sunday, February 3, 2013


Brain dump alert!  Warning, whatever :)

I'm stuck.

In a rut.

I'm stressed.

BUT, I have a plan....and have given myself permission to work though the stress (it's a project at work that is all-consuming).

Workouts this weekend - ZERO.  The reason - the trainer I met for the orientation at the new gym last week hurt me.  I did not agree with a lot of what he was showing me, having worked with two very experienced trainers in the past few years.  He had me do stretching/warm ups with bands for my shoulders and arms and I have reaggravated the arthritis in my left shoulder which was finally becoming manageable again.  Now, don't get me wrong, I spent a good part of yesterday sanding down and washing down old doors in our house, getting them ready for me to paint next weekend.  Lots of shoulder/arm work in that, believe you me.  Advil is my friend too.....

So, have made a pact with my youngest daughter - workout schedule leading up to our departure on Feb 14th:  Mon/Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/Wed.

DF and I went and did a good healthy grocery shop yesterday, so there is very little cr@p in the house right now and lots of lovely healthy green and fresh things!

I will track on MFP starting again tomorrow until our departure.......

...and when I come back from our trip, hopefully refreshed, the hard work will continue.  Rebuilding the "new" me is a big project!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday :)

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