Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm alright!

I looked in the mirror when getting dressed this morning.  End result = I look pretty good!  I certainly don't look like I'm 30+ lbs overweight (15-ish maybe).  Yes, I will start adding photos.......soon!

While getting dressed; however, I was dispairing - the fat around my waist is just not a good thing.  First of all, it's loose and jiggly and feels like it doesn't belong.  It doesn't look very good either. 

Apparently, though I am eating better, consistently, and getting to the gym and working out more persistantly, I still need to do better.

I'm alright though, as I know I'm doing the right things.  I just need to give myself time to work through learning my new job, finding a schedule that is going to stick for longer than a few days, and take comfort in the fact that I'm on the right road now, finally.

Happy Thursday!

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