Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Trial-Run Day!


Okay, don't think I actually told you what my big project at work was....well, actually this time of year is my busiest time, so I have my two usual big projects, but this year I have something that is just about me.

I've applied for a new position at the university - it's a biggie......and my interview is next Thursday. The first part of the interview is a 10 minute powerpoint presentation by moi.....on my qualifications/understand of the I like public speaking, um, that would be negatory. I'm comfortable with two of the folks who will be part of the I don't know......and one is formidable and could cast the deciding vote.......NO PRESSURE!

Today, I have a dry run with two of my most valued is my mentor and has the position I aspire to in the current department (great mentor), the other is a co-worker who I work very closely with........

Enough about stress......back to WW and taking care of myself! As you already read, Sunday was my day of reckoning.......and 4 days of being Great food-wise (smart choices and very little cr@p) - every morsel tracked, I'm already feeling less bloated and less "toxic." My great idea of getting back to the gym is great......except that I have so much work to do right now I haven't been able to pry myself away from the office......hopefully I'll be okay to go at lunchtime tomorrow.......LOTS of outdoor work planned for the weekend.

....and Syl, if you're reading this - go back to the store and buy the freakin' capris will ya?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The goal is good!

Okay, so I made great plans....and life gets in the way again! Eeeesh.....gym yesterday - um, no because of 2 meetings. Today - no because of 3 meetings!


Last night I did get a lot of hard work done in the gardens, so that's a lot of strength training!

Tonight I hope to do the same...until Biggest Loser comes on, anyway.

Tomorrow...the gym!

I feel good!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Day of Reckoning.....

....okay, so here's my complete story.

I'm 48, I'm in terrible physical shape and I'm tired of it. Okay, so I'm stronger than I was a year ago because of spurts of harder exercising, but I'm not consistent enough with it to make it stick, so I don't feel good about myself.

I've been very stressed about work since the new year and decided yesterday (Sunday) to face the music, and move I got on the scale and it said only thought was "Oh thank goodness it's not 170-anything!" that would have crushed me. But the sad reality is that since the holidays, I've gained 12 lbs....and honestly, I think they're all around my mid-section. NOT GOOD!

So, I have fully recommitted - I mean FULLY - to following WW and not stopping.....four years ago, I lost 28 lbs (plus a few more) in 9 months.....and kept it of for the next 20 I know how to work the program, I know what works for me and my body, so why aren't I doing it?

Yesterday was a perfectly OP day - I mean perfectly - some APs, only ate my DPA, water yup, and felt really will be another perfect day....I have gardening APs planned for when I get home......and tomorrow I add back in the visit to the I started my new work hours - I'm working out at the gym at lunch, so I'm going into work 30 minutes earlier daily to give me a longer time at lunch. Can't do it when I'm home, so making time during the time I'm away from home will work (ie - been there done it before!).

My goals are:

Month of May: Lose 10 lbs (159)
Month of June: Lose 5 lbs (154)
Month of July: Lose 5 lbs (149)
Month of August: The final 5 lbs (144)

2009 is MY time!

Friday, April 24, 2009

WOW, I'm still blogging!?

I'm surprised that I'm still blogging almost daily! My friend Syl wrote that she's found, now that she hit 100 posts on her blog, that it's a great outlet for her. I'm finding that too...and it's only been a little over a week!

Anyway, as promised, last night when I got home, I had my youngest daughter take a few photos of my suit-du-jour (your comments would be greatly appreciated!).
A few more photos as well - one from my birthday last November (double chin!?)....and a shot of my "new" do from yesterday:

Okay, on the WW front - well, not doing well at all - okay, I am OP, and I am tracking. Need more water.....need smarter food choices......and I've gotten to the bottom of why I'm making such bad food's TOM's fault......he was here two weeks ago and here again today? What the heck? But it certainly explains moodswings and food choices! Now that I KNOW why, I've made a plan for clean-eating ONLY for the next three weeks......and hitting the gym at lunchtime starting Monday! That'll fix it!
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

OMG - I forgot the New Do!

Okay, per my friend Syl, again, I completely forgot about my new "do!"

Tony coloured my hair for me when I got home last night, and then I went to my favourite hair dresser and she gave me a fabulous cut!

I WILL take a picture or two of myself in my new "do" and power suit when I get home tonight....will post them both tomorrow morning (dial-up at home is just to freakin' slow!).

....and I'm going to smile in those photos too!

in the meantime, I've added one that was taken last summer.

A New Day - Yet Again!

You know when something is bugging you and you can't quite put your finger on it? Well, the uncertainty on what I want to do with the rest of my life is bugging me.....I have a job interview on May 7th.....for a job I've always wanted......that being said, now that I have the opportunity to ace it (lost of research going into a 10 minute presentation I have to give at the interview), I'm not sure it "fits" with my life?! Having acknowledged that yesterday, I've decided to give it my 110% focus and ace the interview....get offered the job.....and if/when that happens, then decide whether I want to accept it. If I decide not to, I will have less overall stress in my life, I will have more flexible time to work on the farm in the gardens and play with my horse........and spend with my kids.......

Back to the WW front.....I feel so much more settled today. Today I'm wearing a power suit (I'm wearing things to work one at a time and getting two girlfriends to comment on them to see which one I should wear to the interview......I think when I get home, if I can remember, I'm going to take a photo of me in it so you too can decide! Anyway, back to WW.....I feel more settled, more determined, and now I have a plan in place. Monday, I'm adjusting my working hours so I can take a full hour for lunch and get to the gym. Except for the days I have meetings over lunch, I'm going to get myself to the gym five days a week over lunch. This will do MANY things for me (based on past experience!).....I eat much smarter when I work out regularly, I'll be earning my APs and working on getting this body of mine back on track! GRIN! I can feel this is the right decision (and I'm not "putting it off" by not going until Monday - I have meetings the next few days near lunchtime and can't do it).....planning, executing, smiling!

My friend Syl posted about choosing plates today......I have thoughts on that as well.....and agree 100% with her......prettily presented food on a smaller plate is so much more palatable. At home, I use a pretty jug that I fill with water and add lemon and lime slices to - I drink two full ones in a the prettying up of food does work! And using a pretty smaller plate also makes you think you're still eating a larger portion! Gotta love it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This time of the year for me, at the office, is just nutsoid! I was here from 7:45am until 6:05pm yesterday and today doesn't look too much better!?

Something to look forward for me today is my new hairitude adjustment! out....I'm cutting this bush-wacker-woman hair off and going super short again.....

Now, WW-wise, I was OP yesterday but only thanks to serious APs I earned on the weekend...when I finally got home at almost 7pm, I ate the house......but I tracked it, and well.....eeeesh is all I can say!

This week is head-down and focusing at work and getting stuff done around the gardens at home.....Monday is page-turning day.

Monday - I'm changing my work hours a bit so I can get to the gym and work out 4 days per week.......I don't seem able to incorporate it into my home-time, so making time while I'm away from home will be the only way to get it done. I NEED to do this for me. NEED to, I say!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Excitement!.....and choices!

I have a special project that I'm working on for work - and the final product gets presented (by me) on May 7th....can't tell you what it is yet, but if it works out it could be fabulous!

So I did the check in with the body/mind thing when I got home yesterday - conclusion - no exercise for me because my back was achy (the "you did too much physical stuff the last few days" kind of achy - not the "oh, no, now you've thrown out your back again" kind) I listened to my body, took care of a few household chores (like got my ironing finished and put away the ironing board), mended a few items for the kids, made a few alterations on things that have been waiting for me to have a minute, and then did some "homework" for the project I'm working on at work.

Then I turned out my lights at 9:30 and slept like a baby! Awake before the alarm this morning...5:58am.....the same time I tend to wake up most my next babystep is to actually get myself out of bed when I wake up because I always feel good at that time.....this morning, I waited for the alarm (and fell back asleep), then pushed the snooze button.....and didn't feel anywhere near as refreshed when I finally got up at 6:40am.....silly really.

When I get home today, I'm going to:

1) check with the body & mind to see if I'm a "go" for a good workout - if yes, then JUST DO IT!
2) do some book work for the farms (pay them there bills!)
3) find something creative to do with my daughters this evening......and watch The Biggest Loser!

Now, choices.....that's something that keeps popping up. Yesterday I made some unwise choices re food....but I tracked it, had the points, and moved on. Today, I spent a few minutes and planned what I was going to eat (partly at the grocery store after work yesterday as well)....and voilà - today, I'm at a loss with what I should eat to finish off my 2.5 points to meet my daily allowance! Maybe I'll have a glass of wine with dinner.....because frankly, I don't need any more veggies or fruit.....I think I'll hit 10 before the end of the day as it is.

Water is going down like nothing today (already had 1/2 of what I need to drink today) and I feel in control! GREAT!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Move it!

(__) (_\_) (__) (_/_) (__) (__) (_\_) (__) (_/_) (__) (__) (_\_)
Okay, so did you all know that it's offically "Move Thy @rse" week? Yup, MOVE IT!

So, why are we on WW? or some other program? Because we need to be accountable! Lesson learned for sure today.....because I have dial-up at home, I didn't track on-line this weekend, but I did write down what I put in my mouth and what I did physically. I thought I was a train wreck, so I didn't bother putting any of it into the WW tracker this morning until I had an "AHA!" moment.........turns out that although I did eat more than I should have this weekend, I earned so many exercise points from working outdoors that I should come out ahead in the longrun.

So, lesson learned, moving on, staying focused and going to kick this extra tonnage to the curb. By the end of June, I should be looking the old me again - phew!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Doing this for me!

Okay, so I need to get my head into the right space......and get it to STICK! I'm getting there, but boy after months/years of struggling, it's hard not to slip back and make excuses and just throw up my arms and say - oh, whatever, I'll do it more of's getting me nowhere.....

So.....yesterday was pretty good - following WW, I'm now 51 days OP, but not always following the 8 HG, so I'm thinking that I'm going back to ZERO days OP tomorrow and starting over again (for the last time this time) and going to stick with it religiously. I have a dinner out to night and have no clue what to expect menu-wise, so I'm going to do the best I can with food intake up until dinner tonight (and I'm not going to have any alcohol OR dessert - that part is planned already)'s a dinner theatre tonight and the last one they did was very good, so I'm excited about having an evening out!

Work expectations on the farm are starting up again-eeeeek! Work at the office is heating up big time.......I'll probably be working 60 hour weeks for the next two I'm going to do something just for me tomorrow.....I'm taking the day off. My to do list for tomorrow:

1. Get organized for some volunteer work I have to do for Saturday morning
2. Get some more seeds planted in the greenhouse ... and I need to "paint" some weeds in the pepper seedbeds with round-up before they get out of control.
3. Get some bookwork done for the farm
4. Get artistic.......finish logo design for the corn stand!

5. This is the best part.....go play with my horse! She's a shedding mess right now and she needs a bath something awful, so this may be her early-spring bath tomorrow...midday in the sunshine so she can dry down before it gets cool in the evening. So, if we have a horsie-spa day, then we need to redo the inside of her stall at the same time.....lots of APs to be earned there, let me tell you - just me, a front-end loading tractor and a shovel......and if there's any time at all left by the end of the day tomorrow - I'm getting the saddle out for my first ride of the season! Yipee!

So, back to today - have lots to accomplish at work.....then, I'll leave the "mind clutter" at the office! Supposed to get up to 18 degrees today, so I'm going for a nice walk at lunch again (yesterday's was a bit shorter than I had planned).

Later gators!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday - Happy Hump Day (and Day 1!)

Today I get to take my new runners out for a test-drive......50 minute walk planned for lunchtime today......the weather is supposed to be awesome today - sunny and +14, I think I heard, so no excuses from me. No gym for me today as I still have this freakish hormonally-driven headache, but I'm not going to let it get the best of me this I am not.....I have a plan....and I'm going to work this plan.....and I'm not going to make excuses to deviate from it......I'm just going to do it....and that's that.

Today - babysteps for me:
1. 8 cups of water minimum...
2. Eat only the food I brought with me today!
3. Get my lunchtime walk in.

Tomorrow - is another day, with another babystepping plan!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kick-Off Day, Again...

Can't believe I'm doing it again.....sitting down at my desk at work....planning on how on earth to get my life/weight-loss/working out/stress/work/everything back on track again.

My friend Syl and a few others have such awesome blogs and truly capture what I need to embrace in my own life....I know it's been a struggle for them as well and that's a good thing - it's called life!

So today, I'm going to track everything I put into my mouth on WW and "get back OP!"

- I've had one whole Brita of water to drink already today and it's only 2:36pm...not bad.
- I went out at lunch and bought a new pair of runners for my lunchtime walks (ie no more excuses that I can't go because I'm wearing heels!).
- When I get home tonight, I'm repacking my gym bag and going at lunchtime more freakin' excuses!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh....feels a bit better already!