Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Trial-Run Day!


Okay, don't think I actually told you what my big project at work was....well, actually this time of year is my busiest time, so I have my two usual big projects, but this year I have something that is just about me.

I've applied for a new position at the university - it's a biggie......and my interview is next Thursday. The first part of the interview is a 10 minute powerpoint presentation by moi.....on my qualifications/understand of the I like public speaking, um, that would be negatory. I'm comfortable with two of the folks who will be part of the I don't know......and one is formidable and could cast the deciding vote.......NO PRESSURE!

Today, I have a dry run with two of my most valued is my mentor and has the position I aspire to in the current department (great mentor), the other is a co-worker who I work very closely with........

Enough about stress......back to WW and taking care of myself! As you already read, Sunday was my day of reckoning.......and 4 days of being Great food-wise (smart choices and very little cr@p) - every morsel tracked, I'm already feeling less bloated and less "toxic." My great idea of getting back to the gym is great......except that I have so much work to do right now I haven't been able to pry myself away from the office......hopefully I'll be okay to go at lunchtime tomorrow.......LOTS of outdoor work planned for the weekend.

....and Syl, if you're reading this - go back to the store and buy the freakin' capris will ya?

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