Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mojo! ♥I found mine♥

Yup, by George, I think I've found it! My Mojo - it went missing - not a freakin' clue where it went.....and it had been gone quite some time. It suddenly showed up....... ....and has helped me lose 7.2 lbs since I rebooted this journey! Onwards and downwards!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Who knew it would be so easy?

Certainly not me of all people. This getting up ridiculously early and going to the gym. That's what I'm talking about. I have a crazy busy life and it's become crystal clear that if I'm ever going to make it to the gym, consistently, is by going very early in the morning - on work days. Now that spring is here, weekends my gym open at 8:30 - I'm already well into my day then, so that won't work. So 6am this morning, there I was en-route to the gym. I hadn't packed my gym bag and work bag. I had; however, packed my lunch last night and at least gotten my workout clothing out. I also went to the gym that's a little more than five minutes drive from home.....and then came home to shower and get ready for work. You know what? 45 minutes of working out was good - weird, though as I've never worked out in this gym, like...ever! But I did it - some stretching, got on the bike, more stretching, lots of sweating and I survived, AND even made it to work on time. Rinse repeat tomorrow. Oh, and you know what? tracking my food intake and exercise on MFP consistently this month has given me a 4.2 lb loss!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thirsty Thursday!

The one thing I know about losing weight is drinking......if it's morning, drink water; if it's noon, drink water; if it's 2pm, drink more water; if you're going to a meeting, drink water (visit the "facilities" before the meeting!)......if you're hungry, drink water...... So now that I'm well into my first week of focused taking care of myself, I'm feeling so much less toxic. I know I've written about this before....eating nothing processed, just home made, whole foods is obviously the way to go, but with this North American lifestyle we have, it so easy to get off track with that (and boy, have I been off track!). I'm already feeling so much less blucky (bloated and yucky)....I feel stronger, I'm already sleeping better, I have more energy (hello 13-hour work day yesterday)....I feel good! So why, you ask, would I not always JUST DO IT!? Hmmmm....that's a really, really good question. So here's to staying power and water and all things lean and green! I'm off to drink some more water!

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Next Chapter

I would have called this post "The First Chapter" - but I figure I've written the same first chapter over and over and over.......rinse repeat......and over again that it's getting old.

I'm almost one week into the refocus - managed to clean up my eating 100% by Friday and have been tracking my food and exercise religiously on My Fitness Pal.

Yesterday's WI - 182!  so the scale is showing me some love.

I have to say that I adore springtime and being busy outdoors.  I'm definitely not meant to be couped up in a windowless office all day.........bring on the sunshine!  I spent the best part of the entire weekend working outdoors in the gardens - they are looking so good, but also like a giant work in progress!

Anyway - almost one week in - I FEEL GOOD!

Onwards and downwards :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I've finally done it - hit rock bottom!

....and I'm happy about it!  I think you need to get "as low as you can go" in order to embrace making changes.

Today is exactly 67 days until our wedding - wow, how on earth did we get down to that number?  Seems like 100+ days was a mere few days ago!?

Anyway, wedding planning is going very nicely!  And DF and I are still talking to each other, which is awesome, no?

Here's a few "before" pics:

I'm 183.4 lbs as of Sunday's weigh in.  Ridiculous....seriously.  So I've recommitted to various, good-for-me things as of right this moment (including writing on the blog!), and I'm focusing on my health from here on in. 

So  the plan is a basic one - no point in adding bells and whistles if the basics aren't covered.  I can always finesse it once the base is in place.

Every day:  gardening or some alternate source of cardio/weights.  I have a HUGE garden (understatement here) - almost 5 acres of lawn and gardens and there's a ton of things that need to be done.  Lots of heavy lifting, lots of walking......if the weather won't permit it, then I go to the gym.  The end.

I'm tracking my calorie intake and exercise on My Fitness Pal - come find me there - oldefarmgirl is me!

Here's hoping that the weather improves in south-western Ontario - it's still quite chilly around here.