Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I've finally done it - hit rock bottom!

....and I'm happy about it!  I think you need to get "as low as you can go" in order to embrace making changes.

Today is exactly 67 days until our wedding - wow, how on earth did we get down to that number?  Seems like 100+ days was a mere few days ago!?

Anyway, wedding planning is going very nicely!  And DF and I are still talking to each other, which is awesome, no?

Here's a few "before" pics:

I'm 183.4 lbs as of Sunday's weigh in.  Ridiculous....seriously.  So I've recommitted to various, good-for-me things as of right this moment (including writing on the blog!), and I'm focusing on my health from here on in. 

So  the plan is a basic one - no point in adding bells and whistles if the basics aren't covered.  I can always finesse it once the base is in place.

Every day:  gardening or some alternate source of cardio/weights.  I have a HUGE garden (understatement here) - almost 5 acres of lawn and gardens and there's a ton of things that need to be done.  Lots of heavy lifting, lots of walking......if the weather won't permit it, then I go to the gym.  The end.

I'm tracking my calorie intake and exercise on My Fitness Pal - come find me there - oldefarmgirl is me!

Here's hoping that the weather improves in south-western Ontario - it's still quite chilly around here.

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