Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Double Post Tuesday - The Get-to-Goal Plan!

Yes, a double post! Okay, that's it! I spent part of this morning putting my plan in place. I have an excel spreadsheet that I've revamped and I have no more excuses/reasons not to do what I need to. Yup - I've finally hit rock-freakin' bottom! So here's my plan: 102 days until our wedding - 0/20 lbs (yep, that's a LOT of accountability and exercise) 222 days until my birthday - 0/34.2 264 days until my "ultimate" goal - 0/40.2 I know that I will lose quickly at the beginning, so that's why I'm aiming high for the first bit. I also know that my dress can be taken in, so I'm not concerned about losing too much and not looking awesome in it! Watch out! Here I come! I'm walking every day this week and then servicing my bike this weekend and rebooting my Learn to Run program next week.

Back to Focusing on Moi!

Considering the wedding is, yes, 3.5 months away, I need to seriously get down to business and drop a few pounds.  Travel for the winter is over, farm season has just started (I start my seedlings in the greenhouse starting next week), work is still the usual crazy.

The snow hasn't melted completely yet and we're still getting some below-freezing nights.  I hope that Sunday's forecast of 9 degrees and sunny sticks and that I can get my bike out and serviced and hit the road.

Tomorrow, I start a morning yoga routine - 5:30am is my target wake-up time.

My reboot weight is ridiculous...182.2.  Awful.  My winter weight gain this year has put me into the 180s....a place that I'm neither comfortable in, nor thought I'd ever revisit.  So, as I start the work to get back OUT of the 180s, I'm bidding you Adieu - never to be seen again.

I'm tracking on MFP and wearing my BodyMedia link.......like it's my job!  The plan is to leave 500 calories on the table every single day.  So if I eat more, you guessed it, I need to move more.

Bring on the May Flowers....cuz today we're starting off April with them there Showers!