Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Gym + Awesome Trainer = Support = Success

Reboot T*O*D*A*Y after work.
Farm season for me is pretty much wound up.......:)
Trainer's vacation is wound up.......:)
So here's to starting the fall on the right foot - GYM!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall!

I had a great morning this morning - I'm getting over a bug - part flu, part cold......basically congestion central is all that's left now. I woke up happy this morning! Happy that the weather is now cooler (though frustrated because I need to go through my closet as what I could wear last winter/early spring at 170-something lbs most of it doesn't fit me any more. Great, right? Yes, but the problem is two fold: 1. my clothes hang off me, so I cant' wear them to work.......2. I'm not "done"yet, so I'm not going to go shopping because I refuse to pay good money for "in between" clothing. So I guess it means I'm going to be wearing the same few skirts and two pairs of slacks for the next weeks.......

My birthday is in early November - guess I'll be asking for clothing gift cards for my birthday! That's exactly 7 weeks from today - I know I can drop yet another size by then :)!

Happy: another reason - my trainer comes back from her vaca next week so I start working out with her again three times a week ... I felt so good in the summer when I was consistently working out with her and am looking forward to that feeling returning!

Happy: harvest is almost over! No frost in the forecast right now........tobacco (yes, my hubby still grows tobacco) season continues.....I think 8 more harvest days left. Corn season wrapped up already, tyvm, and pepper season will wrap up as soon as we have a frost.

Happy: year-end bookwork almost finished and then I can basically unplug from the farm for the next months - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, will definitely need to celebrate that one! Should be able to finish it all up over the weekend!

Happy: going on a vacation to Europe in late November.......hubby hasn't been back "home" since 1994, so we're headed to Portugal....and as we'll be in the neighborhood, we'll likely visit Spain and France! CANNOT WAIT!

Happy: work is crazy, but it's so stimulating I'm loving every minute of it!

Happy: TGIF! Woot!

Happy: um, hubby noticed my weight loss this morning - now that is something to celebrate!

Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm finally on the "other" side!

Corn season is finally OVER! Amen to that!

That's not to say that craziness on the farm is over with yet - um, no, the madness continues, but it's not technically all MY madness! DSO on the other hand...well.....

Me, I'm back on the 17DD as of today:

WUD (wake-up drink)
B: 2 eggs, evoo, pico de gallo
Green tea
S: yogurt & raspberries
L: BAS with tuna (big*ss salad)
S: celery & green peppers
D: chicken or turkey burger and steamed veggies or another salad
Lots of water

Going back to the gym on Thursday.
.....and next week, I am going to try C25K again....doc and trainer think it's a good idea to try again - but I've been warmed that I may need to repeat a few weeks if my joints start talking back to me. So stay tuned on that!

Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm baaaaack!

Well, although corn season isn't quite wrapped up for this year, we are closing down on Sunday.....which leaves us 4 business day only! We had to take a break yesterday and today because we're finally running out of corn! Running out is a treat.......it means we've sold a LOT!

So, about me. Who am? Heck, right now I'm so pulled in too many directions, with work, farm, kids returning to school......yes, honestly I am overwhelmed. That's it. Overwhelmed.

Being overwhelmed often leads to no planning, no groceries, and well, no success in the weight-loss area.

Just popping in here today so that I can start returning my life back on track and being accountable. Writing this blog keeps me grounded in so many ways......and I need to make time to find balance again.

What I have done so far......

1. Focusing on clean eating where possible.
2. Plan on restarting 17DD next Monday
3. Have booked training sessions with my trainer starting Sept 17 - she is then away for 10 days, so we will get back to regular sessions in late September.
4. C25K - I've been given the go-ahead from doc and trainer to go ahead and start - with warnings to repeat weeks if needed - I'm very pumped about this! I*WANT*TO*RUN!

So for now......I'm ramping up water, looking forward to the end of corn season and keeping my head down at work and working through the beginning of a new academic year.

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