Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 12 - staying focused!

I just read a post entitled "Is it Worth It?" over at Redstar5......she's read my mind.

I have finally given myself permission to put myself first.  Day 12 is today and though I sometimes feel a bit guilty for saying no to others (will this ever get easier?), I'm focusing on sticking with two things:  1.  my 4 workouts per week at the gym with my daughter and 2. cleaner eating.

Today is workout #4 this week - so 4 workouts in 6 days - and I have to say I am so proud of myself for sticking with this!  Before I would have said - "so far" at the end.  Now, I'm just sticking with it!  Because I am worth it.  I need this.  Mentally and physically.

The second one - cleaner eating.  I had a conversation about food with my fiancé last night - but had to be a bit delicate on how I put things.  His recent surgery has kept him off the farm to finish up a lot of the outdoor he's been focused on cooking.  Not necessarily cooking clean foods either.  Lots of veggies included, but the food, though delectible has been too heavy for me.  You know, that mid-winter comfort food?  Hours of work, taste out of this world?  Yep, that.  So you can see why I've had to be sensitive to his feelings.

He's agreed to do whatever I NEED to support my efforts in weight loss and working out.  So, we've decided compromise is the best - I said - I love you cooking......if we could do half a plate of veggies/salad and half of what you've prepared, that would be the absolute ultimate!

So, here's to nurturing my relationships......and myself.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Days 10 and 11!

Day 10 - I'm thrilled to report that working through the pain in my foot yesterday and pushing myself at the gym was an epic success.  The sore muscles I had from my weekend workouts aren't nearly as bad today.  I did my second leg workout as well as some cardio (while nursing my foot, so no high impact), and am proud of myself, because 3 out of the 4 last days, I've worked out!

Day 11 - that's today.  I tracked yesterday's food as well as today's....left a blank space in for tonight's supper as my fiancé is cooking something.  He's getting great about being conscious of how much salt is in my food.....thank you Menière' if he could just get his head around what healthy, clean eating is......he's getting there, but I'd say he's still a work in progress!  Bottom line is that he's going out of his way each day to prepare an awesome meal and he is trying to make things both appealing and healthy.

Day 12 - preview - workout #4 for the week after work.......upper body, abs, and more cardio.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 9!

Well, last evening I spent most of my time in the local hospital emergency department.  I had dropped a shovel on my right foot about ten days ago and it was more swollen last night than it had been......just wanted to make sure it wasn't broken.  Thankfully,  it's not, and the emergency-room Doc told me to keep moving, but no high impact anything for a bit.  He said regular gym visits were a great idea, just don't run!

Well, not being a aspiring one, perhaps, but not one who currently runs, I guess I have a "pass" to not start running until I'm in better physical shape.  Works for me :)

On that note; however, I'm off to the gym after work to meet up with my youngest daughter again - today will be treadmill warm-up and cool down, lots of stretching and a killer leg workout, with a smattering of abs thrown in.

I'm really pumped about sticking with this!

Food is still really on track as well as is my water consumption.......

Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 1 Down - Day 8

Reporting in after a week of the crazies.

First, the best part - my partner of more than 10 years gave me an engagement ring for my birthday!!!!!!   I can't stop smiling :))

What better motivation than a wedding to get back on the wagon, eh?

So, his surgery went very well and he's well on the road to recovery.  Still being a bit careful, but he's doing so well :)

I went to the gym on Saturday and Sunday - and boy am I sore.....but it's an awesome sore, honestly - another great :) here!  Plans are to meet up with my daughter on Tuesday and Thursday after work (after school for her) for another two workouts!

Eating is under control - hope to have a bit of extra time to start tracking workouts and food on MFP consistently!  Will go there immediately following this post and track Saturday, Sunday and today.

Work/life balance is still off kilter, but right now, it's almost balanced.  Still working the two jobs, but at least I have set days at each now so that will help - we're in the interview process right now for my former role, so at least we're getting somewhere!

A short trip is planned to drive to Quebec City sometime in the coming weeks for a few days of "running away from everything!"

......and life is good!  no, make that great!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 2 of 42!

Day 1 was stellar!  I got through a mountain of work at my old job, ate and tracked on MFP and came in within my calorie range, and spent the evening watching a hockey game with my sweetie.

Today, my guy is having minor surgery, so I am his chauffeur and nurse......IPAD is fired up so I can read while waiting for his procedure/recovery.  I also will be bring snacks with me (planned out, sensible, tracked snacks)!

When my stepson gets home from school today, I will head out with the pooch to get some much needed exercise and bond with nature a bit!

It feels very good, no, awesomely good, to have a plan!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Six Week Challenge! Day 1

Well, here it is!

1.  Today is Day 1 - Day 1 of sustained clean eating and nurturing of the physical me!

2.  I celebrated my 52nd birthday over the weekend.  52 is a great number!

3.  My youngest daughter joined my gym, so as soon as my sweetheart's surgery is over and he's back on his feet, we're hitting the gym together a minimum of 3 times per week!  In the meantime, the weekend was spent putting away the last of farm/gardening/porch equipment and furniture.  Boy can I feel it today!  The dog will continue to benefit from walks and wandering time around the farm as I stay close to home and look after my guy.

4.  Work stress continues with balancing two positions; however, I have learned to say "no" to new projects in my old position.......while learning my new one. 

5.  I will be using MFP to track food and workouts.....and WW (as I still have six weeks in my current membership).  I will also continue to blog more consistently, and post on my fave WW boards.

6.  Very cool thing(s) happened over the past week - I signed up for the Schulich "Bust a Move" for Breast Health Campaign.  You can visit my page here:

Go Breast for Success!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Time for Learning

I've decided that my biggest problem is volume....I just have to much on my plate......

I can normally get through what NEEDS to be done, but that is always stuff outside of taking care of me.  I have recently learned the following:

I NEED to be first on the list.

I NEED to get organized.

I NEED to nurture myself both physically and mentally/emotionally.

Starting Sunday (I'm spending tomorrow and Saturday celebrating my birthday and figuring out how best to organize the most NEEDY areas of my life!)......I will roll out my six week plan.

My Partner has agreed to support me through the next six weeks and he too will be working on his own plan.

Watch out world :)


Just realized I have a Scale Victory to share!   167 and holding!  So the cleaner eating is working :)