Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 12 - staying focused!

I just read a post entitled "Is it Worth It?" over at Redstar5......she's read my mind.

I have finally given myself permission to put myself first.  Day 12 is today and though I sometimes feel a bit guilty for saying no to others (will this ever get easier?), I'm focusing on sticking with two things:  1.  my 4 workouts per week at the gym with my daughter and 2. cleaner eating.

Today is workout #4 this week - so 4 workouts in 6 days - and I have to say I am so proud of myself for sticking with this!  Before I would have said - "so far" at the end.  Now, I'm just sticking with it!  Because I am worth it.  I need this.  Mentally and physically.

The second one - cleaner eating.  I had a conversation about food with my fiancé last night - but had to be a bit delicate on how I put things.  His recent surgery has kept him off the farm to finish up a lot of the outdoor he's been focused on cooking.  Not necessarily cooking clean foods either.  Lots of veggies included, but the food, though delectible has been too heavy for me.  You know, that mid-winter comfort food?  Hours of work, taste out of this world?  Yep, that.  So you can see why I've had to be sensitive to his feelings.

He's agreed to do whatever I NEED to support my efforts in weight loss and working out.  So, we've decided compromise is the best - I said - I love you cooking......if we could do half a plate of veggies/salad and half of what you've prepared, that would be the absolute ultimate!

So, here's to nurturing my relationships......and myself.

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