Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 1 Down - Day 8

Reporting in after a week of the crazies.

First, the best part - my partner of more than 10 years gave me an engagement ring for my birthday!!!!!!   I can't stop smiling :))

What better motivation than a wedding to get back on the wagon, eh?

So, his surgery went very well and he's well on the road to recovery.  Still being a bit careful, but he's doing so well :)

I went to the gym on Saturday and Sunday - and boy am I sore.....but it's an awesome sore, honestly - another great :) here!  Plans are to meet up with my daughter on Tuesday and Thursday after work (after school for her) for another two workouts!

Eating is under control - hope to have a bit of extra time to start tracking workouts and food on MFP consistently!  Will go there immediately following this post and track Saturday, Sunday and today.

Work/life balance is still off kilter, but right now, it's almost balanced.  Still working the two jobs, but at least I have set days at each now so that will help - we're in the interview process right now for my former role, so at least we're getting somewhere!

A short trip is planned to drive to Quebec City sometime in the coming weeks for a few days of "running away from everything!"

......and life is good!  no, make that great!

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  1. Congratulations on your engagement!!! How exciting!!!