Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Detox is a b***h - um, not my friend!

So in an effort to get to show on the road, so to speak, I've started cutting things out of my life.  With every good detox session, no matter how extreme it is, there are sometimes some less-than-desirable side effects.......I've cut out most carbs, all cr@p, and cut way back on caffiene (down to 1 per day from 2-5)........yup, I've got that dull, not quite, migraine thing going on.

So, I'm sucking it up - working through my day at the office and praying it will be over soon!  Unfortunately, it means I'm not going to the gym for another day....skipped yesterday because of my head....and today too.  Hoping to have my head in a better place, so to speak, tomorrow!

One day, one baby step at a time!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Another post about restarting yet again!

Have we ever seen a post like this before?  Yeah, like every month.....

I have to make changes now.  There is not options, I just have to do what needs to be done.  If I'm going to win the battle with Menière's, then being in the best physical shape (not just by working out, but by eating the right foods to fuel my body) is the only answer.

Back on track today.  I'm doing a clean-eating thing.  Mostly based on 17DD, but with a pet carb, and one all-dressed coffee to start my day.  Hey, I have to have something to get me rolling in the morning don't I?  I'm also back at the gym.  Five workouts per week, until the weather warms up anyway.  Nothing super difficult, but an hour dedicated to movement.  Yesterday was lower body.  Today and Wednesday are cardio days.  Tomorrow and Thursday will be upper and core.

Adding back in a LOT more water, and I should be good!

Wish me luck.....today truly is the first day of my life

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I did it! Day 1 done and done :)))

Yup, I did it. I felt great yesterday - how odd is that!?

Well, going to build on that. Today is Day 2. Food is planned......yesterday I browsed in the fruit & veggie aisle at the grocery store right after my workout....and picked up a lot of green things. Green is my colour this month! Asparagus, green beans, broccoli, celery - you get the picture. Oh, and the fish counter - salmon for supper last night! oh, and lefties for supper tonight!

I'm off to look at new BBQs after work tonight. I've got a line on a great deal at a local place on a ridiculous sale on last-year's models......it's the "beast" of a 'Q! We just had Natural Gas installed in the house last week (goodbye Propane bills!).....so I'm going whole hog....nothing like NEVER HAVING TO FILL UP A PROPANE CYLINDER AGAIN - EVER!

Here's to staying focused and feeling better.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bring it! Day 1

Wow, it's really hard to get back in the game. I spent most of yesterday wrapping up my little pitty party.....and I LET myself watch mindless stupidity on TV most of the day and puttered doing little things around the house on and off as well. When I said I LET myself, I mean, I gave myself the freedom to just "be." No "oh, I must do this, or I can't forget to do that." Nope, that's not going to help me cut stress out. I need to learn how to just "be."

I'm not going to kid you....doing "nothing" was really, really hard for me. But this morning, I had also promised myself that I needed to reboot TODAY and that whatever my health throws at me is okay, as long as I take whatever cognitive measures I can to stack the odds in my favour.

So, welcome to Day 1........this is "THE" Day 1 of Day1s......and those of you who have started, restarted, and started yet again, will understand.......this is IT folks.

1. I've chosen to reboot the 17DD today because it works for me. I lost and maintained an 18 lb loss last year.......I've unfortunately hit one of those bumps in the road that life deals us sometimes...and regained about 14 of it. NOT GOING TO LET THIS STICK! NOT!

2. Going to the gym for a workout with my trainer after work today.

3. Water....yes, drinking lots and lots of water (oh, have to go refill the bottle again).

4. Taking a lunch each day - yes, I'm going to walk as many lunchhours as I can every week so that I break the bad habit I have of sitting at my desk and either working or cruising the 'net.

5. Slowly ramping up supplements that I will be taking likely for the rest of my life. Don't want to start taking a fist-full on the first day, so will ramp back up to taking my multi, vit d, calcium for the first two days, and then add various other supplements that have been identified as being very helpful for this condition over the next week or so.

6. Stress relief........it's spring! I absolutely could live out in my gardens, so I will be making a date with myself for an hour or three of detoxing gardening/working in the greenhouse every single day. Nice thing is that if it's cooler or raining, I can work in the greenhouse and stay out of the cold!

This is me......baby steps......one day at a time.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pitty Parties = weight gain. Pretty simple, eh?

Well, my handy-dandy scale, a good old, stand-up kind of scale, tells me I'm 173.4 lbs, give or take. Boy doesn't that totally suck...especially since I hit 159 on December 26th after two Christmas dinners?!

It's official...I do have Meniere's disease or syndrome. Google it...you'll see what I'm dealing with. Right now, I have a-typical Meniere's - thank goodness. I'm NOT dealing with vertigo at all, but do have a lot of dizziness......and I'm very deaf on my right side, and the tinnitus is driving me nuts...as well as the feeling like I have cotton wool stuffed in my ear.

So, I need to avoid a bunch of stuff, take some supplements, clean up my act, get back to the gym......I hurt my back in early March and I am finally going back, fully-committed to everything......bottom line, looking after me, myself and I.

Tomorrow is day 1

I can and will do this! I don't have a choice.