Monday, April 23, 2012

Another post about restarting yet again!

Have we ever seen a post like this before?  Yeah, like every month.....

I have to make changes now.  There is not options, I just have to do what needs to be done.  If I'm going to win the battle with Menière's, then being in the best physical shape (not just by working out, but by eating the right foods to fuel my body) is the only answer.

Back on track today.  I'm doing a clean-eating thing.  Mostly based on 17DD, but with a pet carb, and one all-dressed coffee to start my day.  Hey, I have to have something to get me rolling in the morning don't I?  I'm also back at the gym.  Five workouts per week, until the weather warms up anyway.  Nothing super difficult, but an hour dedicated to movement.  Yesterday was lower body.  Today and Wednesday are cardio days.  Tomorrow and Thursday will be upper and core.

Adding back in a LOT more water, and I should be good!

Wish me truly is the first day of my life

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