Monday, February 6, 2017

Successful Week 1 - On to Week 2!

My step count wasn't where it should have been, but other than that, I'm pretty darned happy :)

Weight is down.

Worked out with my trainer 2 times + an assessment with a mini workout

Took the pooches out for 4 "back-40" romps through the fields this weekend


This week - walking at lunch when the weather allows, otherwise, going to do a treadmill workout at the gym for 30 minutes on non-training days.  Today is perfect - I have the right coat, the right boots and my mits and am aiming for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Tomorrow and Thursday, training days!


Need to download some new music for some at-home workouts

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Isn't it Amazing? Plan Something, Do the Work, and Bammmmm!

Scale is down again this morning!

Going to get my @ss kicked with my new trainer at lunchtime today - and I have pre-planned a date with the hot tub this evening as I feel I will very likely need it!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Consistency, Focus, Execution are Key

Met with my trainer N today - my daughter has been working with her and loves her, so I thought, well, why not.  She's got 8 years of experience as a trainer and a nutrition expert under her belt and has previously had a client with Meniere's so she's aware that the dizziness can come on suddenly.....

She's also very on top of limitations and work arounds and ways to build up areas that are very weak.....

We did a full body analysis - the numbers don't lie, right?

Seriously, they DO*NOT*LIE - my current BFI is 51+%.  I'm not surprised at the number, I'm just surprised and disappointed in myself and the fact that I let it get to this point.  That said, I've already turned the page - the numbers just reinforce the work that must be done - NOW!

I'm seeing her twice/week for the next 3.5 weeks (until Portugal!) - committed to eating clean (as I have been over the past 10 days) - committed to doing cardio 3 days/week.  Committed to drinking at least 10 glasses of water/day.

One thing she has suggested for helping with arthritis flares is warm water with ginger - I'm going to give it a try.

So.....I'm 56 years bad is it that I had my daughter pick me up and drive me to the gym so I wouldn't be nervous?  Okay, in my defense, it was my first time in this new gym and I wanted to get my bearings.  Been there, done that.....I'm fine. on to tomorrow and my first workout with her.  Wish me luck!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 1 in the Bag! Focused and Happy

I'm happy with my commitments this week.

It shows in my weight loss!  Down 4 lbs!

Now to roll out week 2 and stay on track with the plan!  Off to the gym to meet with my new trainer tomorrow at lunchtime.  I've hired her for a few sessions to get back into the groove at the gym - it's a new gym and it's never a bad idea to get some guidance when you're getting back at it!

Happy Monday!?  Well, I'm trying, but given what's going on in the US and Canada right

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 2 - Baby Steps!

So yesterday was awesome.....because I'm wearing my Fitbit again (hello Fitbit Charge HR!), I'm conscious of needing to get up from my desk every hour and move around.  I think it made yesterday a much more productive day at the office as well - WIN!

I managed 6999 steps yesterday, which I'm sure is waaaaay up from what a typical work day has been of late.

Today, long work day, planning a walk at 1pm (even if it's drizzling).

Food is planned, about to go track it.

Water is on my desk (already have 2 glasses down)

Control, focus, and execution will lead to success!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Day 1 In the Bag

I did it - very busy day getting organized yesterday.  Though the "getting organized" part is a work in progress, I did do some great things!

1.  Drank 10 glasses of water with lemon.
2.  Rejoined the gym and have a tour set up for 11am on Thursday
3.  Bought a new FitBit as my old one croaked and I missed it terribly!
4.  Tracked my food - not within calories, but did make me more mindful.

Bring on day 2!

Monday, January 23, 2017


Yes, changes have been going on for some time now.....good changes....great things, new opportunities......

So..................I'm back to blogging...will update on a few fun things in the coming days/weeks.

First I'm going to write out on the WWW that I commit to putting ME FIRST!  Effective T*O*D*A*Y.  This is, I'm confident as I write this, the reason why things just don't stick.  I make plans, sometimes grandiose plans, and just fail on the execution.  Failure is no longer an option.

2017 - I commit to fulsome journey to health:

1.  Focusing on foods that nourish, rather than tickles the taste buds and then hangs off my hips!
2.  Water.....I'm restarted my lemon water, LOVING THIS.  So much easier to drink in the winter, for me anyway, rather than plain old water - cold water in the cold weather doesn't do it for me.
3.  Corporate Rate at the Gym....what's not to love about this?  Also can add on up to four family members - and adult children count!  My two daughters already belong to the same chain of gyms, so I can spend time with them at the gym and we can cheer each other on (oh, and they can carry my sorry @ss out of the gym after I work out!).

Feels so good to get that off my chest ;)

Back soon!