Monday, January 23, 2017


Yes, changes have been going on for some time now.....good changes....great things, new opportunities......

So..................I'm back to blogging...will update on a few fun things in the coming days/weeks.

First I'm going to write out on the WWW that I commit to putting ME FIRST!  Effective T*O*D*A*Y.  This is, I'm confident as I write this, the reason why things just don't stick.  I make plans, sometimes grandiose plans, and just fail on the execution.  Failure is no longer an option.

2017 - I commit to fulsome journey to health:

1.  Focusing on foods that nourish, rather than tickles the taste buds and then hangs off my hips!
2.  Water.....I'm restarted my lemon water, LOVING THIS.  So much easier to drink in the winter, for me anyway, rather than plain old water - cold water in the cold weather doesn't do it for me.
3.  Corporate Rate at the Gym....what's not to love about this?  Also can add on up to four family members - and adult children count!  My two daughters already belong to the same chain of gyms, so I can spend time with them at the gym and we can cheer each other on (oh, and they can carry my sorry @ss out of the gym after I work out!).

Feels so good to get that off my chest ;)

Back soon!


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