Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Power of Commitment

So as you saw by my last post, I've come to the realization that enough is enough and time to plan and execute is the end result. Sounds simple, eh?

Well, maybe it really is. I'm a daily weigher...yup, first thing in the morning - I jump, okay maybe not jump, and I look at the number and it kind of validates the kind of day/feeling I had the day before and sets me on my way for that day. Some people can handle looking at the scale daily, and apparently I am one of those. It doesn't phase me. I'm happy when it's down, but I acknowledge the "whys" if it goes up. I've finally come to the point where I'm okay if it goes up....because I know that generally, I'm doing the right things to get healthier and one of these days it will start moving down and STAYING down again!

This past week - I've worked out with my trainer three times, I've been eating clean foods only since Monday and I will acknowledge that I can definitely do much better on water consumption. It's cold and I don't like drinking a lot of water when I'm not warm! Stress...well, work stress is definitely there, but I'm doing some fun things that I enjoy - Saturday night I made a baby quilt for my partner's cousin who is expecting in March. It was fun to just sit in my sewing area and just play (and darn it all, I forgot to take a picture!).

This next few days - more workouts, more watching volleyball tournaments that my youngest daughter is playing in (and cheering like a mad woman from the stands). More clean eating and likely a bit of closet reorganization and more sewing. Going to keep work stress AT work and not invite it to come home with me - a great way of that I have found is a good solid workout at the end of my work day.....

Off to Florida in a few weeks (less than 2 now), so am going to stick with my above plan until we leave. The condo in Florida is a place to complete destress and just putter...a bit of golf, long walks on the beach, some swimming and pool-side lounging. We shop almost daily for fresh seafood/fish and farm produce and just kick back and just, well, just be, I guess.

On the gym side of things - my trainer and I are starting interval training! Yes I am going to learn to run. Have even planned on joining the Running Room's Women's Learn to Run Program starting, guess now that I've written it down, it's going to be done!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Enough......when is enough is enough. When is it we reach a point where we just NEED to make change.....embrace change......and then continue on?

Why is it that in the weight-loss, getting healthy journey we self-sabotage? And why is it that we slip up? Likely no reasonable answer will ever be had for those ones.....but I have had ENOUGH for now.......

Old addages are boring, but they are so true - Today is the first day of the rest of my life!

So I'm going back to the new me......the way I was for a good portion of 2011. Putting me first, both physically and spiritually.

Today - I'm eating clean again.....17DD-ish kind of eating. Not C1 yet, but that will be rebooted on Monday.

I'm going to the gym after work.
I'm drinking water again - boatloads of it
And today is Hairitude adjustment day!

A few goals for the rest of this month:

Get firmly into the 150s - I was 162 at WI on Monday morning.
Take time for me each and every day and do something nice for myself.
Get to the gym a minimum of 3 days per week.......use my treadmill or go for an outdoorwalk for at least 45 minutes at least 3 other days.
Water - 3L minimum per day....yes even if I have to move my computer into the washroom for a few days!

That's it! Enough! Succeeding at my goals will give me peace of mind. Simple, eh?

Friday, January 6, 2012

TGIF - Wow, January's First Friday Already!

Happy New Year Bloggers!

Well, I'm back. It's a new year. It's time for new things.

I'm still going to the gym.....I'm still eating as cleanly as possible - well, most especially since I managed to gain 6 lbs over the holidays! Yikes! Back down 3 already (since Monday) and plan on tossing the rest of the tonnage to the curb ASAP!

I'm struggling with a few personal issues right now - and I will share one of them with you: I had to put my horse, Miss B, down 3 weeks ago. Old age had crept up on her and unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done. Thankfully she slipped away quickly, so I pray she didn't suffer for too long......

The most important things is that although I will always miss her, she was dearly loved, she had a wicked sense of humour, and was a treat to have in my life.

So, one day, one moment at a time, while I get my act together and keep trying to put myself first.......I'm making a bit of headway on that one.