Sunday, June 5, 2016

Time for a Change and Commitment

Blah, blah, blah, right? Nothing I haven't said before.......but this time is it!

I have a 21 day challenge I's run by my functional massage therapist...and I'm gonna kill it! It's Sunday at 12:20 - I'm currently sitting in my work office trying to get a few things off my to do list for the week - and decided that starting with getting a few things off my chest first would be a good start. I'm fed up. With my lack of sticking power, my lack of being able to get through a full day without dizziness sidelining me....that's the crux of it really. Meniere's is an evil thing - and sidelines you when you least expect it.

So, joined this challenge - it's paired with another challenge I'm doing at work - The Global Corporate Challenge (which so far, 11 days in, my team is rocking btw!). It all begins for me tomorrow morning....well, the work part of it does anyway.

1. Up at 5:30 and have my oatmeal
2. Go for a 15 minute walk
3. Do my 26 minute weight training
4. Jump in the pool and do 20 minutes of laps and whatever, as long as I keep moving
5. Prep protein smoothie for the drive to work
6. Clean up, go to work with amazing food prepped and packed for my day
7. 9:30 - yogurt and berries
8. Noon - salad, protein, fat
9. Walk for 20 minutes
10. 3:00pm - protein and veg snack
11. 5:00pm - go home and do some gardening (average 90 minutes/day if I don't have late meetings) 12. 6:30pm - protein and veg supper - now this one is tricky - I'm going to do a lot of precooking for me for this challenge as my husband, being a full-time farmer often doesn't find his way to the kitchen until 8:30 or 9pm, and that's too late for me. It is an opportunity, though, to get him eating a lighter evening meal.
13. 7:00pm - more gardening or a swim
14. Prep food for next day while getting DH's supper ready
15. Shower and bed by 9:30....I need my 8 hours of sleep/night otherwise my dizziness (and personality) leave something to be desired!

 ...rinse repeat!

 Wish me luck - and send along some Gorilla tape or Crazy glue so I stick with it!