Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Thursday

The longest work day in my life, I's only 9:09 I'm here for the long haul. I'm on vacation next week.....then back for only one week.....then off for three weeks! Need to get, well, everything finished by tomorrow at 3:30! HA! Not going to happen, but I am going to do my best to do as much of it as I can!

WW - tracking, water. Not making 100% sensible choices, but have decided that today and tomorrow I will do the best that I can do and regroup at 3:31pm tomorrow when my vacation starts. Lots of physical work to be done on the farm - logs to be moved and stacked, horse stall and run to be mucked out.....and I want to put a new flower bed in and the guys are all busy hoeing the field, so may have to tackle this one alone.

I LOVE summer....easy eating - grill just about anything on zee BBQ......and fruit and veggies abound! Amazing!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I finally did it!

I posted a loss at my WW meeting - whew!

Recommitted and showed a loss - go figure, a weight loss program that makes you eat sensibly, drink water, move your @ss and lets you get healthier as you lose weight.....duh...and I haven't been following it at all lately why?

I'm back, I'm focused, I'm IN CONTROL, and it feels greeeeeat!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I feeeeeel GOOOOD!

I knew that I would!

Standing strong, this new resolve is so empowering. I will succeed at whatever I put my mind to. I will lose this weight, I will keep battling to get this awesome, almost-50-year-old-body into kick-@ss shape! I will! I'm a doer, not a talker....

Yesterday was home around 4:30, changed clothes, grabbed water and headed to the gardens (yes, I know, the camera needs to come too! Soon, I promise!).......came back into the house around 7:15 to eat supper (my daughter had made her and I a bite to eat - and I'd already tracked it)....then didn't come back into the house until it was almost dark - after 9:30pm! I wanted to finish weeding my veggie garden, well, what's left of it. So I did finish it, in the almost-dark! So, when I say what's left of it....well, we seem to have a plethora of bunnies this year. Every time my parsley and cilantro grow a new shoot - POOF! next day - gonzo......and my yellow, purple, white and green broccoli and cauliflower - all of 'em GONZO! Those waskely wabbits!

Anyhoo, looks like this year's garden will be full of tomatoes and cukes if nothing else. I'm growing five different kinds of tomatoes.....oh and strawberries....they're just starting to ripen now - what an incredible thing! The taste is amazing!

Anyhoo - I'm focused, I'm on track, I'm feeling strong, and I will do this.....this time is IT!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well that was a reality check

Reality checks usually only show up when you are working on a project and then the truth comes to light.

My current project, amongst many, but the most important one is me. Well, in support of my new resolve and on the first day of my new five-week plan, I went back to WW meetings and found out today we were discussing tracking. Ahhhh, tracking, I remember it well, but have only flirted with it a bit lately. I restarted tracking on-line again yesterday....have tracked and planned today and am off to a great start on that front!

Water - needs to be upped.

And today's WI.......a whopping 177.4 which is up 2.4 from where I thought I really was (according to the home scale). That was a slap in the face, but I've relocated the hit to a kick in the @ss to get me moving!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Operation Five Weeks of Madness! only healthy foods......water.......

via gardening.....getting up a bit earlier in the morning to formally exercise.....meeting friend at the gym two evenings per week.....walking around zee farm and between farms.....and swimming

via planning....making lists for trips to the grocery store.....drinking water....planning and packing healthy snacks......

water.....the essence of life. I've finally acknowledge the hoovering the kitchen that occurs daily around 4pm is likely due to lack of hydration, so starting today, I'm packing a refilled water bottle for my 30 minute drive home.

I'm reinventing me......

Today: 175 lbs......

First day of reckoning: Monday, July 19th (goal 165)
Second day of reckoning: Monday, August 23rd (goal 155)
Third day of reckoning: Monday, September 27th (goal 145)

Aiming to be at goal (144) by Monday, October 4th. ULTIMATE GOAL!

Can it be done you ask?

I say ABSOLUTELY......just focus and execute.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Great Day!

Yesterday was a good day. I drove to see my sister (about 1.25 hours away) after work and she gave me the tour of where her wedding will be in October, which of course drives home the urgency of getting back on program NOW and working out NOW and tracking and planning and executing NOW.........I would like to be at goal by Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving)....and oh, go figure, my sister's wedding is on that actual weekend......I don't want to be the fat older sister in the photos. I was to be drop-dead gorgeous instead, right?

So, I'll be here "slave" for the event.....lots of behind-the-scenes things will need to be done....and I am the volunteer.......should be interesting.

Anyhoo, back to's breakfast, lunch and snacks are AWESOME....picked some fresh lettuce out of my greenhouse while I was watering some of the flats of flowers I haven't planted yet.......which lead to an amazing salad with basically everything that was in the fridge thrown in. Fresh strawberries and yogurt for snack........breakfast was bran buds, 1% milk, and my favourite frozen raspberries on top. Also have an orange and some kiwis to round off my sensible snacking......AND, it would seem my allergies are finally lestening, so I'll be out for a good 30-minute walk at lunchtime today to destress and re-energize for my afternoon in front of the 'puter.....followed by gardening from the time I get home until the sun goes down (likely 5-9:30!).

Oh, right, and to fill my water bottle!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 in progress!

I didn't do any formal exercise this weekend, but I chose instead to focus on my gardens (sans camera again, folks, sorry!)......didn't stop, digging, hoeing, planting, moving, lugging, lifting and not stopping until I dropped!


Food this week is very controlled and I'm not struggling with any of this at all....

Life is great!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Back at the Execution Portion of Working Out!

Tomorrow morning, 6am....after the alarm goes off.....elliptical and treadmill followed by weights and core workout. A gold, old-fashioned, back in the swing of things, move that bod, kind of workout that will get things moving again.

My mother often said, and likely still does: "Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today." Well, I will be busy today, and the AC in the house isn't working 100% right now (need to install window AC unit #2 over the weekend), so it will be honestly too hot inside the house to work out. And my grass allergies are so bad right now that I don't like to do too much physical that makes me breathe hard while I'm outside.

I will be gardening though.....and if it's not raining, I'll take some more photos....heck, might even share some with you all soon too!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

There is only one Option - Success!

This post was inspired by my friend Syl's post this morning

Bottom line......if Success is an option......where are there other options?

Well, for me, bottom line is.....Success is the only answer.

Stay tuned!