Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Great Day!

Yesterday was a good day. I drove to see my sister (about 1.25 hours away) after work and she gave me the tour of where her wedding will be in October, which of course drives home the urgency of getting back on program NOW and working out NOW and tracking and planning and executing NOW.........I would like to be at goal by Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving)....and oh, go figure, my sister's wedding is on that actual weekend......I don't want to be the fat older sister in the photos. I was to be drop-dead gorgeous instead, right?

So, I'll be here "slave" for the event.....lots of behind-the-scenes things will need to be done....and I am the volunteer.......should be interesting.

Anyhoo, back to's breakfast, lunch and snacks are AWESOME....picked some fresh lettuce out of my greenhouse while I was watering some of the flats of flowers I haven't planted yet.......which lead to an amazing salad with basically everything that was in the fridge thrown in. Fresh strawberries and yogurt for snack........breakfast was bran buds, 1% milk, and my favourite frozen raspberries on top. Also have an orange and some kiwis to round off my sensible snacking......AND, it would seem my allergies are finally lestening, so I'll be out for a good 30-minute walk at lunchtime today to destress and re-energize for my afternoon in front of the 'puter.....followed by gardening from the time I get home until the sun goes down (likely 5-9:30!).

Oh, right, and to fill my water bottle!

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