Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Almost Forgot!

I'm having something crazy for supper tonight, but it's my last one (Panzerotti)....I've been craving it for 3+ weeks, and tonight I'm just going to have one last one to put the craving that won't quit to bed once and for all.....

......then I'll jump into the jacuzzi before bed and relax.....can't wait!

Well.....good intentions, BUT..... is still crazy busy. Spent the last two evenings crunching numbers to close out the farm books for this year (today is year-end)...still have a bit more to do, but at least all of the MUST DO items are done! thing I have been seriously lacking and needing is some ME time! I've booked Friday off work and will start off the day with my first Shred workout.....yes, I know, it's a few days later than I had originally committed to, but well, life happened again. I KNOW that this weekend, life will be MINE for a kids underfoot, no emergencies should crop up, so I'll be able to get a grip on a few my closet, tidying up the accumulation of things dumped over the past two months when everyone was just too blasted busy working around the farm.....and generally getting my space back under control.....I even plan to organize my crafting/sewing/painting area....and hopefully line up a few projects that lay unfinished......I'll tell you about them at another time.

Friday: Shred, pedicure, organize, and then take a trip into town to purge the stuff I need to get rid of in my bedroom and various items that need to be recycled (like wine bottles/beer bottles)......tidy, clean, and less stressed!

Tomorrow is WI at WW and I WILL BE THERE! Tomorrow is day 1 of accountability! My kick-off.......

I have a few things to look forward to:

1. October 24th - CN Tower Climb (am I crazy?)
2. November 28th - the wedding of a very good friend of mine (and a weekend away)
3. December 5th - off to Cuba we go!

Now don't 2 & 3 sound like a good reason to drop a few pounds and tone up a whole bunch? Hmmmmm....evening wedding (I see new little black dress!) bathing suit for sure!

Soooooooo..........Thank you for your comments, Missy, Syl, Tiggie and I go!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Days 6 & 7

Okay, so corn season.......IS FINALLY OVER!

Tonight when I get home, I'm going to do the Shred...and take pictures and measurements and everything......

30 minute walk on deck for lunch today - as long as it's not raining.

10 minute warm up before Shred, 5 minutes on elliptical after the Shred, and 10 minute pilates cool-down after the it is written, so it shall be done! GRIN!

Food all planned for today.......and we're off! Today IS the first day of the rest of my life!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Days 4 and 5

...okay, for goodness sake, what's the point in planning everything when life keeps happening!?

The reasons are simple: keeping care of yourself.....

I missed WI yesterday - worked later than I had planned on and then went shopping and completely forgot! Up-side.....I bought a M skirt and a few new clothing items in smaller sizes to update my wardrobe for fall...seems like summer is over for us now. I also worked in the barn grading peppers last night for a while, so there was no time to actually ramp up a workout!

I did walk a lot yesterday, so that's okay!

Still on track to start shredding on Monday morning at 6am.......

Walking on the agenda for after work today.....however, I know it will be dark before I can get out there....I'll be working at the corn stand again until 6:30 or so. this is finally the last weekend for corn - FINALLY!

Weekend: Saturday - corn......and book work for year-end on the farm.....and some housework.

Sunday.....a repeat of Saturday!

Monday - watch out body, Shred, Shred, Shred!......and corn season will officially be over by then!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 3....., life happened again! Didn't get home until after dark last night, so that means I was away from the house during the whole, entire day-light part of the day......I did get a short walk in at lunch, did track and did drink my water.

......WI today - the day of reckoning, then buckle down afterwards.......

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 2 report in - flexibility, because life does happen!

So Day 2, though planned, went big deal, really, but nevertheless frustrating.

Migraine, TOM-induced no doubt, and a very stressful day at the office.

I did; however, eat smart, and track my food intake. Made a very nice supper (well, it was WW and I liked it, everyone else were so-so about it).....but it was very points friendly.

Got to bed VERY early - had a one-hour nape BEFORE BL last night, but hey, at least I knew how bad I was feeling and I stopped and took care of me first for a change. That in itself is a HUGE step.

My plan for today is a bit different than originally planned.......and it will be dependent on the weather as well. I know today will be a long day at the office (I've been here since 7:30 and will likely work until 5:30 or so).....then I'll go home, change my clothes and go for a walk if the weather cooperates. 40 minutes......with water. Then have supper and spend one hour doing farm book work.

Tomorrow after work is my WI at WW so I will take my measurements in the morning so I have a jumping-off point.

I feel a lot more in control now that I post here in the mornings......and I seem to be able to hold my focus a lot better during the day knowing I'll be back tomorrow morning to recap.

Have a great day!

Later addition! Almost forgot! Accountability: Yesterday, OP (tracked every morsel), 2 APs only, and not enough water.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 1 Report In

Hi everyone! I did it......yesterday I DID stay OP and I tracked what I ate. I actually cooked supper last night too, much to everyone's surprise!!!!!!?

I did not get a chance to take my measurements, but promise to do so tonight when I watch BL.........

on to day 2!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A time for accountability, commitment, focus & execution!

NOTES/OBSERVATIONS: Going to Cuba on Tony's birthday - December 5th. Can I actually lose my whole 20 lbs by then? Don't know, but I'm sure going to try and give it my all! Each day I will report in on whether I achieved what I've planned below.....and answer the continuous, multi-part question: Tracking & water today? Am I OP today? How many APs did I earn?

I am so focused on getting healthier and stronger! GO ME!

Recommit to me. Today, track and drink water - take my measurements tonight

BL is tonight - I missed session 1. Going to do cardio workout BEFORE BL
Tracking & water - am I OP? # of APs - that is the question for each and every day!

Day 3 of tracking, water, and a walk in the evening with the dog

More cardio - WW meeting, face the scale! Start 10 week count-down to Cuba! How close to -20 can I get?
Walk zee pooch!

Eeeeek - corn?! Gasp

Weekend - corn, no doubt

Weekend - finally, the LAST DAY OF CORN

Shred day 1
Walk zee pooch in evening!
Am WI, measurements & photos?! Aaack - I have to post 'em here!

Shred day 2
Walk zee pooch in evening!
BL in evening

Shred day 3
Aquafit at lunch
Last day of Sunshine Challenge

Shred day 4
Walk zee pooch in evening!
New month, new Falling Leaves Challenge
WW meeting & WI

Shred day 5
Aquafit at lunch
Walk pooch

Shred day 6
First Saturday of freedom!
Walk pooch
Start riding Miss B again!

Shred day 7
Walk pooch

Shred day 8
Walk pooch

Shred day 9
Gym after work
Tuesday - BL in evening
Walk pooch

Shred day 10
eeek! Last day at level 1!
Walk pooch

Shred day 11
First day at Level 2!
Gym after work - if I can still walk!
AM WI, Measurements & photos
WW meeting & WI
Walk pooch

Shred day 12
Aquafit at lunch
TGIF again!
…and a long-weekend!
Walk pooch

Shred day 13
Walk pooch & ride Miss B

Shred day 14
Walk pooch & ride Miss B

Shred day 15
Phew, half-way there!
Thanksgiving Day….hmmmmmmm
Walk pooch & ride Miss B

Shred day 16
Gym after work
Tuesday - BL in evening
Walk pooch

Shred day 17
Aquafit at UWO
Walk pooch

Shred day 18
Gym after work
WW meeting & WI
Walk pooch

Shred day 19
Aquafit at lunch
Walk pooch

Shred day 20
eeek! Last day at level 2!
Walk pooch & ride Miss B

Shred day 21
First day at level 3!
AM WI, Measurements & Photos
Walk pooch & ride Miss B

Shred day 22
Aquafit at work
Walk pooch

Shred day 23
Gym after work
Tuesday - BL in evening
Walk pooch

Shred day 24
Aquafit at work
Happy Hump Day!?
Walk pooch

Shred day 25
Gym after work
Thursday…..WW meeting & WI
Walk pooch

Shred day 26
Aquafit at work
Walk pooch

No Shred Today
CN Tower Climb in the morning (What WAS I thinking?)!

Shred day 27
Walk pooch & ride Miss B

Shred day 28
Aquafit at lunch
Walk pooch

Shred day 29
Gym after work
Tuesday - BL in evening
Walk pooch

Shred day 30
Aquafit at lunch
Walk pooch

Gym - step it up with new program
Thursday - WW meeting & WI
Walk pooch

Oct 30
Cardio workout at home in morning
TGIF! Maybe heading to Ottawa for a visit?!


Okay, so we had our harvest party last night......some of our Jamaican workers will be off for other farms shortly while the others wrap up everything on ours. First one goes off tomorrow to an apple orchard he's worked at in the past. Kind of sad, but you know what? HARVEST IS ALMOST OVER! Which means, LAURA GETS HER LIFE BACK SOON! Last patch of corn should be ready to be harvested next Friday, if all of the cards are right.....which means next weekend is THE LAST ONE! and I've already got enough folks lined up to work that I probably won't have to be there even 40% of the time! GRIN!

So, this week, will be doing year-end bookwork at home for our farm.......and slowly digging through accumulated stuff around the house to find where the actual house is underneath. Needs a good cleaning, that I do know (okay bathrooms and kitchen get cleaned regularly.....but the rest? Wel.......).

And next Monday, the 28th of September, I promise to start Shredding! Yes, I've written it....given myself a week to get back into the groove......I'm back to Shredding next week.....!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Okay, so I'm a little behind.....

........on everything!

Yes, Syl, I'm still committed to doing 30 days of Shredding....I just need harvest to be over with first. So, in the next 10 days or so, I'll do my day 1 and do all 30....track, photos, measurements, the whole lot. Just wanted you to know I'm still here in spirit, just there are not enough hours in August and September to stay sane!

WW - holding my own....not gaining, not cooking, not losing, but definitely gaining muscle tone, losing inches and feeling that is definitely progress!

Be back the next little while.......promise!