Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well.....good intentions, BUT..... is still crazy busy. Spent the last two evenings crunching numbers to close out the farm books for this year (today is year-end)...still have a bit more to do, but at least all of the MUST DO items are done! thing I have been seriously lacking and needing is some ME time! I've booked Friday off work and will start off the day with my first Shred workout.....yes, I know, it's a few days later than I had originally committed to, but well, life happened again. I KNOW that this weekend, life will be MINE for a kids underfoot, no emergencies should crop up, so I'll be able to get a grip on a few my closet, tidying up the accumulation of things dumped over the past two months when everyone was just too blasted busy working around the farm.....and generally getting my space back under control.....I even plan to organize my crafting/sewing/painting area....and hopefully line up a few projects that lay unfinished......I'll tell you about them at another time.

Friday: Shred, pedicure, organize, and then take a trip into town to purge the stuff I need to get rid of in my bedroom and various items that need to be recycled (like wine bottles/beer bottles)......tidy, clean, and less stressed!

Tomorrow is WI at WW and I WILL BE THERE! Tomorrow is day 1 of accountability! My kick-off.......

I have a few things to look forward to:

1. October 24th - CN Tower Climb (am I crazy?)
2. November 28th - the wedding of a very good friend of mine (and a weekend away)
3. December 5th - off to Cuba we go!

Now don't 2 & 3 sound like a good reason to drop a few pounds and tone up a whole bunch? Hmmmmm....evening wedding (I see new little black dress!) bathing suit for sure!

Soooooooo..........Thank you for your comments, Missy, Syl, Tiggie and I go!

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