Monday, September 21, 2009


Okay, so we had our harvest party last night......some of our Jamaican workers will be off for other farms shortly while the others wrap up everything on ours. First one goes off tomorrow to an apple orchard he's worked at in the past. Kind of sad, but you know what? HARVEST IS ALMOST OVER! Which means, LAURA GETS HER LIFE BACK SOON! Last patch of corn should be ready to be harvested next Friday, if all of the cards are right.....which means next weekend is THE LAST ONE! and I've already got enough folks lined up to work that I probably won't have to be there even 40% of the time! GRIN!

So, this week, will be doing year-end bookwork at home for our farm.......and slowly digging through accumulated stuff around the house to find where the actual house is underneath. Needs a good cleaning, that I do know (okay bathrooms and kitchen get cleaned regularly.....but the rest? Wel.......).

And next Monday, the 28th of September, I promise to start Shredding! Yes, I've written it....given myself a week to get back into the groove......I'm back to Shredding next week.....!

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