Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 2 report in - flexibility, because life does happen!

So Day 2, though planned, went big deal, really, but nevertheless frustrating.

Migraine, TOM-induced no doubt, and a very stressful day at the office.

I did; however, eat smart, and track my food intake. Made a very nice supper (well, it was WW and I liked it, everyone else were so-so about it).....but it was very points friendly.

Got to bed VERY early - had a one-hour nape BEFORE BL last night, but hey, at least I knew how bad I was feeling and I stopped and took care of me first for a change. That in itself is a HUGE step.

My plan for today is a bit different than originally planned.......and it will be dependent on the weather as well. I know today will be a long day at the office (I've been here since 7:30 and will likely work until 5:30 or so).....then I'll go home, change my clothes and go for a walk if the weather cooperates. 40 minutes......with water. Then have supper and spend one hour doing farm book work.

Tomorrow after work is my WI at WW so I will take my measurements in the morning so I have a jumping-off point.

I feel a lot more in control now that I post here in the mornings......and I seem to be able to hold my focus a lot better during the day knowing I'll be back tomorrow morning to recap.

Have a great day!

Later addition! Almost forgot! Accountability: Yesterday, OP (tracked every morsel), 2 APs only, and not enough water.


  1. I'm reading, it's just that you've been missing for awhile! I understand how busy you are Laura, maybe just concentrate on one thing at a time so it's not so happens, it's ok!

    Keep up the great work Laura

  2. Ugh it's hard when circumstances and headaches and that dang TOM get in the way. I hate. I feel like there are so many obstacles sometimes. But taking care of you is the most important. Good for getting to bed early!! That is SO great. I gotta work on that!