Thursday, March 21, 2013

Are You Kidding Me?

Dear Mother Nature - I just looked at the extended forecast. 

While you have promised us above-freezing temperatures for two days on the weekend, thank you so much for that, what are you thinking?  Really?  Really.   More snow and freezing temps for next week?  Honestly.

Please, here, take a look at this calendar - I found it on the internet (thank you!), so it must be real, right? 

It says March 2013.......which according to my calculations, we're almost finished with already.

Do you see that white stuff?  It is not snow.

Can you see the ice MELTING in that glass?  and the condensation on the outside of the glass caused by the cold ice and HOT air temperature?

Oh, and most importantly, can you see that lovely blue sky?!  BLUE, not GREY!

Okay, rant over, but, could we, pretty pretty please, have spring now?  Please?!!!!

Love me

Thinking on Thursday!

Yep, apparently, this week's blog posts are brought to you by rhymes?  Most of them anyway.

A very cool thing happened yesterday - I'm famous!  NOT.   But I did make it onto the news at the launch of the Get Fresh....Eat Local launch yesterday.  I was working in the barn with DF when the 6 o'clock news came on, so had no idea until DF was on Facebook later on and an old work friend had posted he had seen me.  Of course that meant I needed to stay up until 11pm to watch the next round of I could see myself (vain, who said I was vain?!).  My five seconds of fame - in the background!  But hey, I was recognizable if nothing else.....

My on-going battle of the bulge continues.  Yesterday I ate well, tracked, was low on water and did not work out (and I ate two cookies - but within calories).

Today - water on deck - aiming for 100+ ounces (or 3L).  I count in ounces as my water bottle on my desk is in ounces!  It's 24 ounces, so I need to drink 4 at work, and then a bit more.....

Food is planned - will track shortly.

Workout - yup, need to get one of those in today.  Gym bag is in my car, so I may likely go on the way home, so I don't come up with 101 excuses not to go. 

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NSV for me! and Some Great News!

I did what I said I would do yesterday.......

I drank water - only 2L instead of 3L, but the reason for that is simple, I was driving around the city for meetings and just couldn't do it!  Today will be focused on more water, but again, driving around to various places will put a dent in that.

I ate what I planned and came in slightly below my targeted calorie intake (by 23 calories).

I went to the gym with both my daughter and stepson.  We all did cardio and then an ab workout together!  Great!

Today, I have some very exciting news to share with you!

Our Vegetable Stand Business made the local Get Fresh....Eat Local map! 
You can see G' n G Fresh Market's locations!

And lastly - on the fitness front, I am trying two new things this coming week.  Saturday morning it's Zumba with my daughter.......and Monday (as already announced), my Women's Learn to Run program starts!

Today - going to keep it real.  Work, kick-off for the Get Fresh, Eat Local 2013 season at lunch, and more work!  Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Truth!

Okay, so perhaps the title is misleading?!!!   I never tell lies on my blog.  NEVER......but sometimes my daily plan, I thought I would put some "truths" out there.  I never did make it to the gym for yesterday's workout - here's why:

I've made no secret that I was diagnosed with Menière's disease last winter.  I've been struggling with it, some days more than others, especially since my vacation.

I've figured out that in some ways, my body is kind of like that of a newborn or young child.  If you get your child onto a set schedule, everything runs well.  Sleep/food/fluids/movement - everything.  If you toss 14 hours of jetlag into said schedule who the heck knows what will happen!

Yup, I know I've been back for two whole weeks (plus two days actually), but I can honestly say that I'm only just now feeling like me again.  It's been brutal tuning out tinitis (that crazy ringing in your ear), rebalancing myself a gazillion times per day (I usually do it subconsciously, but when it's really bad, it's a conscious thing), trying to get enough sleep when your body says day is night, etc.

So, I've been listening to my body and stopping and resting when I need to.  I have a close friend who suffers from Lupus, Fibromyalgia and a few other horrid afflictions.  Our friends and I have been asking to "stop and listen" to hers for years....she finally gets it.  I think helping her listen has made me so much more aware of the "now" and how important it is to stop when you need to.

That said, I'm still clean eating, drinking a LOT of water, and will be hitting the gym tonight with my daughter.

Ooooh - the waistband of my tights and skirt as well as my rings told me things are on track this morning when I got dressed!  Yessssss.......take that you wicked scale!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Madness!

Hi everyone - welcome to Monday!

Weekend recap - ate on plan, except for the pizza that apparently I*just*had*to*have*so*I*can*get*it*out*of*my*system.

End result - +3.2 lbs at this morning's WI for the week.

Note to self - no pizza for a while - especially not the night before WI!

I did get to the gym on Saturday for a leg/upper body workout.  I went for a 5+km walk yesterday with DF!

Today is crazy business at zee office....followed by a workout at the gym....and water, there will be loads of water!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Planning, Accountability, and Execution!

I am a firm believer in "dream big or go home."  What I sometimes lack in is the actual execution part of these dreams.

I have a very successful career - due to hard work, perseverence, etc.
I have a very successful farm business - again, due to hard work, perseverence, tears, and sweat.

So, why do I lack sticking power when it comes to me?  I deserve to be successful in EVERYTHING I do, don't I?  Why is it that it's so freakin' hard to put yourself first (or even second) and that the things you want/need on a personal level just never seem to percolate up to the top?

Well, enough already.  For me anyway.

This week, I have planned food, eaten said food, tracked said food, made it to the gym once (I put my back out earlier this week, so yesterday was the first day I felt good enough to do it).  Yesterday I also committed to joining a Learn to Run Program.  Scary shit that is. I have planned, tracked my food intake, promised myself to drink a minimum of 100oz of water, and have even planned two glasses of white wine for time with my DF this evening.   I have also committed to a good strong repeat of yesterday's workout at the gym - roughly 65-70 minutes of sweat.  It felt great, so why wouldn't I do it again?

Yesterday I also had a hair-i-tude adjustment.  I took a pic a short while ago to share with all of you, but realized that the lighting in my office makes me look awful.....horrible in fact.  So you will all have to wait a bit longer until I find somewhere with better lighting!


 Here you go!  Not the greatest light, but still a far cry from what I took in my office earlier!  My hair is generally very it's straight.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shock, Surprise! A Double Post!

Just wanted you all to know that I DID IT!

I registered for the Women's Learn to Run Program at the Running Room.  Starts March 25th.....and I'm excited......but moreso, I'm scared .... very freakin' scared.

But hey, I did it!

Arm Workout

A special thank you to Mama Laughlin for posting this arm workout......I'm going to incorporate it into my weekly workouts.

Thank you for the two friends who posted their support of my joining the Learn to Run Program....still pondering over here, would love more input, but I'm want you all to know that I'm definitely leaning towards "YES!"  I've got nothing to lose, right?!

Planning on getting to the gym after work, then home for a quick bite and off for a hair-i-tude adjustment.  Here's a quick pre-photo (I'm a mess today, so please don't hold it against me!)

Happy Thursday..........

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Your Input Please!

Okay, so I'm sitting on the fence about something.  For me, at least, this is huge!  Really, really huge!

I'm considering joining a Learn to Run Clinic.  I've always dreamed of being a runner.  I've just have never been sure that I'd be able to do it.  I do have osteo arthritis, so I am very cognisant that this might be a problem/hurdle/non-starter, but I feel I just need to give it a try. 

Don't want to do C25K for several reasons - I'd like to learn how to run properly.  Form, right shoes (yes I will go and get myself fitted before I start), etc.

My head keeps saying - "No, you're too old."  "No, your arthritis." 

My heart keeps saying - "You can do this!"  "You will never know if you don't try."

The London Running Room has a Women's Learn to Run program that starts on Monday, March 25th. 

So, your input on this:  yes or no?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Operation Wedding Dress Starts Today!

So that's it.  I was working at my desk at the office this morning and realized that honestly, whatever reason, excuse, etc. I can use, whether stress, jetlag, the day of the week, month of the year, if I don't finally actually commit, I will never get to where I want to be.

Pretty obvious, eh?  (yeah, I'm Canadian!)

So, that's it.  I'm putting it out there.  Today is the day.

I have planned and tracked all of my food intake for today (using WW and MFP right now).
I have planned and tracked my workout for today - first day back at the gym post-vacation - going to work out with my favourite little chick - my youngest daughter.

I need to be at least 25lbs lighter by September when I want to start looking for a wedding dress.  Our wedding will be held on July 12th, 2014 (we are waiting the return of my stepdaughter from South Korea).  We will be getting married in our front yard and holding the reception in our new barn. 

The dress - no clue.  I will be 53 when we get married.....been down the isle before, so don't want a formal wedding dress, but do want to look incredible in whatever I do decide on. 

Losing weight itself isn't enough - I want to be in awesome physical shape as giving myself 7 months to work on transforming myself, from the inside out, will definitely set me on the right course.

Happy Thursday !

Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm back from the most incredible vacation!

The most incredible experience - something very different from anything/everything I've ever done.

Here are a few pics:

This from Discovery Divers' Resort, Coron, Busuanga, The Philippines - have your ever seen a vue like this or a sunset like this?  I hadn't!

or visited a seafood market like this?

and turned it into this?

The seafood market in Seoul, South Korea was 100 times larger than anything I'd ever seen - it was a massive warehouse full of various assortment of fish and seafood.........incredible!

More on my vaca to follow likely in other posts.

I came back thrilled with most of my pictures........a few drove home the basic reality that I do need to do something about my weight as I am just not happy looking the way I do.  I'm going to use the pics (see one below) as a motivator to get me to continue with this journey and focus on it.

So, happy to be home, thrilled to report that I'm down 3 lbs since I left!  Gotta love a vacation that is sensible in eating (though not restrained) and active enough to produce a loss!

So, as soon as I kick this cold and jet lag to the curb (mid week, I hope), I will be back at the gym.  In the meantime, I'm tracking my food on WW and MFP and will do the best that I can!