Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NSV for me! and Some Great News!

I did what I said I would do yesterday.......

I drank water - only 2L instead of 3L, but the reason for that is simple, I was driving around the city for meetings and just couldn't do it!  Today will be focused on more water, but again, driving around to various places will put a dent in that.

I ate what I planned and came in slightly below my targeted calorie intake (by 23 calories).

I went to the gym with both my daughter and stepson.  We all did cardio and then an ab workout together!  Great!

Today, I have some very exciting news to share with you!

Our Vegetable Stand Business made the local Get Fresh....Eat Local map! 
You can see G' n G Fresh Market's locations!

And lastly - on the fitness front, I am trying two new things this coming week.  Saturday morning it's Zumba with my daughter.......and Monday (as already announced), my Women's Learn to Run program starts!

Today - going to keep it real.  Work, kick-off for the Get Fresh, Eat Local 2013 season at lunch, and more work!  Happy Wednesday!

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