Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thinking on Thursday!

Yep, apparently, this week's blog posts are brought to you by rhymes?  Most of them anyway.

A very cool thing happened yesterday - I'm famous!  NOT.   But I did make it onto the news at the launch of the Get Fresh....Eat Local launch yesterday.  I was working in the barn with DF when the 6 o'clock news came on, so had no idea until DF was on Facebook later on and an old work friend had posted he had seen me.  Of course that meant I needed to stay up until 11pm to watch the next round of I could see myself (vain, who said I was vain?!).  My five seconds of fame - in the background!  But hey, I was recognizable if nothing else.....

My on-going battle of the bulge continues.  Yesterday I ate well, tracked, was low on water and did not work out (and I ate two cookies - but within calories).

Today - water on deck - aiming for 100+ ounces (or 3L).  I count in ounces as my water bottle on my desk is in ounces!  It's 24 ounces, so I need to drink 4 at work, and then a bit more.....

Food is planned - will track shortly.

Workout - yup, need to get one of those in today.  Gym bag is in my car, so I may likely go on the way home, so I don't come up with 101 excuses not to go. 

Happy Thursday!

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