Thursday, March 21, 2013

Are You Kidding Me?

Dear Mother Nature - I just looked at the extended forecast. 

While you have promised us above-freezing temperatures for two days on the weekend, thank you so much for that, what are you thinking?  Really?  Really.   More snow and freezing temps for next week?  Honestly.

Please, here, take a look at this calendar - I found it on the internet (thank you!), so it must be real, right? 

It says March 2013.......which according to my calculations, we're almost finished with already.

Do you see that white stuff?  It is not snow.

Can you see the ice MELTING in that glass?  and the condensation on the outside of the glass caused by the cold ice and HOT air temperature?

Oh, and most importantly, can you see that lovely blue sky?!  BLUE, not GREY!

Okay, rant over, but, could we, pretty pretty please, have spring now?  Please?!!!!

Love me

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