Friday, March 15, 2013

Planning, Accountability, and Execution!

I am a firm believer in "dream big or go home."  What I sometimes lack in is the actual execution part of these dreams.

I have a very successful career - due to hard work, perseverence, etc.
I have a very successful farm business - again, due to hard work, perseverence, tears, and sweat.

So, why do I lack sticking power when it comes to me?  I deserve to be successful in EVERYTHING I do, don't I?  Why is it that it's so freakin' hard to put yourself first (or even second) and that the things you want/need on a personal level just never seem to percolate up to the top?

Well, enough already.  For me anyway.

This week, I have planned food, eaten said food, tracked said food, made it to the gym once (I put my back out earlier this week, so yesterday was the first day I felt good enough to do it).  Yesterday I also committed to joining a Learn to Run Program.  Scary shit that is. I have planned, tracked my food intake, promised myself to drink a minimum of 100oz of water, and have even planned two glasses of white wine for time with my DF this evening.   I have also committed to a good strong repeat of yesterday's workout at the gym - roughly 65-70 minutes of sweat.  It felt great, so why wouldn't I do it again?

Yesterday I also had a hair-i-tude adjustment.  I took a pic a short while ago to share with all of you, but realized that the lighting in my office makes me look awful.....horrible in fact.  So you will all have to wait a bit longer until I find somewhere with better lighting!


 Here you go!  Not the greatest light, but still a far cry from what I took in my office earlier!  My hair is generally very it's straight.

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