Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Truth!

Okay, so perhaps the title is misleading?!!!   I never tell lies on my blog.  NEVER......but sometimes my daily plan changes......so, I thought I would put some "truths" out there.  I never did make it to the gym for yesterday's workout - here's why:

I've made no secret that I was diagnosed with Menière's disease last winter.  I've been struggling with it, some days more than others, especially since my vacation.

I've figured out that in some ways, my body is kind of like that of a newborn or young child.  If you get your child onto a set schedule, everything runs well.  Sleep/food/fluids/movement - everything.  If you toss 14 hours of jetlag into said schedule who the heck knows what will happen!

Yup, I know I've been back for two whole weeks (plus two days actually), but I can honestly say that I'm only just now feeling like me again.  It's been brutal tuning out tinitis (that crazy ringing in your ear), rebalancing myself a gazillion times per day (I usually do it subconsciously, but when it's really bad, it's a conscious thing), trying to get enough sleep when your body says day is night, etc.

So, I've been listening to my body and stopping and resting when I need to.  I have a close friend who suffers from Lupus, Fibromyalgia and a few other horrid afflictions.  Our friends and I have been asking to "stop and listen" to hers for years....she finally gets it.  I think helping her listen has made me so much more aware of the "now" and how important it is to stop when you need to.

That said, I'm still clean eating, drinking a LOT of water, and will be hitting the gym tonight with my daughter.

Ooooh - the waistband of my tights and skirt as well as my rings told me things are on track this morning when I got dressed!  Yessssss.......take that you wicked scale!

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  1. feel better soon!!
    and yes the scale is evil...good for you that's a great non scale victory!