Thursday, May 3, 2012

Motivation in May

By George, I think I've got it!

Stop the madness!

Enough is Enough!

Pretty much things I've blathered on my blog lately.  Yesterday, I found out my daughter has some health issues - nothing that cannot be managed, but it took the focus off MOI and put it on one of my two lovely girls........and made me realize how many awesome things I have going on in my life and really, that I have little to complain about.

She'll be fine....just working through a few issues with her.

Work is craziness!  Seriously, C*R*A*Z*I*N*E*S*S!  Usually, I thrive in this environment, but with my health issues, worrying about my daughter, and well, I've just let it all pile up and given up on taking care of me.  That is NOT the answer.  NOT!

So, today, once again, is THE first day of the rest of my life.  It's sunny, which is giving me such hope!  I have no excuses, the things that have been getting me down will now be fuel to get me to make permanent changes - not just flirt with them.

Today - eating!  That's what I'm getting under control.  Clean eating - 17DD-ish eating.  I still need one complex carb each day and my one coffee each morning to get me going, so I'm going to do Cycle 1, but keep those two things in my day (morning coffee with 1/2tsp sugar and 1T half&half), and one slice of sprouted grains bread to go with either my breakfast or lunch.

Water - the essence of life.  I'm going to drink it!  Like it's my job.......oh, right that will likely change my job a bit.....I'll be working from the loo as my bladder adjusts to drinking water again (kidding!).

Work stress management:  THIS IS A BIG ONE.  I will no longer take work stress home with me.  I don't mind putting in a little extra time as needed....and if the extra times = me going home without stressing over everything under the sun, then it will be nothing but a positive.

Exercise:  Back to the gym on Tuesday with my trainer.  I'm taking this weekend to get my spring garden clean up finished and then I'll be formally working out with her 3 days a week.

Stopping and smelling the roses - coffee on the porch in the morning as the sun comes up.  Sitting under the stars in the hot tub in the evening......all things that will be back into my world over the next few days!

Thanks for letting me share this here.....