Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Consistency, Focus, Execution are Key

Met with my trainer N today - my daughter has been working with her and loves her, so I thought, well, why not.  She's got 8 years of experience as a trainer and a nutrition expert under her belt and has previously had a client with Meniere's so she's aware that the dizziness can come on suddenly.....

She's also very on top of limitations and work arounds and ways to build up areas that are very weak.....

We did a full body analysis - the numbers don't lie, right?

Seriously, they DO*NOT*LIE - my current BFI is 51+%.  I'm not surprised at the number, I'm just surprised and disappointed in myself and the fact that I let it get to this point.  That said, I've already turned the page - the numbers just reinforce the work that must be done - NOW!

I'm seeing her twice/week for the next 3.5 weeks (until Portugal!) - committed to eating clean (as I have been over the past 10 days) - committed to doing cardio 3 days/week.  Committed to drinking at least 10 glasses of water/day.

One thing she has suggested for helping with arthritis flares is warm water with ginger - I'm going to give it a try.

So.....I'm 56 years old....how bad is it that I had my daughter pick me up and drive me to the gym so I wouldn't be nervous?  Okay, in my defense, it was my first time in this new gym and I wanted to get my bearings.  Been there, done that.....I'm fine.

...so on to tomorrow and my first workout with her.  Wish me luck!

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