Monday, April 9, 2012

Pitty Parties = weight gain. Pretty simple, eh?

Well, my handy-dandy scale, a good old, stand-up kind of scale, tells me I'm 173.4 lbs, give or take. Boy doesn't that totally suck...especially since I hit 159 on December 26th after two Christmas dinners?!

It's official...I do have Meniere's disease or syndrome. Google'll see what I'm dealing with. Right now, I have a-typical Meniere's - thank goodness. I'm NOT dealing with vertigo at all, but do have a lot of dizziness......and I'm very deaf on my right side, and the tinnitus is driving me well as the feeling like I have cotton wool stuffed in my ear.

So, I need to avoid a bunch of stuff, take some supplements, clean up my act, get back to the gym......I hurt my back in early March and I am finally going back, fully-committed to everything......bottom line, looking after me, myself and I.

Tomorrow is day 1

I can and will do this! I don't have a choice.

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