Monday, March 26, 2012

Refinding My Groove

Okay, so I've been struggling with, well, I'm thinking some sort of depression. I suffer from Chronic Stress, this has already been diagnosed, so the likelyhood of depression as a spin-off is very high.....along with worrying about the MRI and them finding something (the plan is to find nothing) has also been weighing heavily on my mind.

Add to that - two weeks ago I threw my back it's been a bit of a struggle to get some sort of movement that doesn't hurt into each of my days - I've succeeded.....I've found I can walk, so lunchtime walks around campus (I work at a university), and walks around the farm have been ever increasing.

My eating was out of control as well, this past week was stellar and I have a whopping 1.4 lb loss to show for it. Hey, I'll take it! The meds I take when my back goes out tend to make me gain weight, so if I can show a loss for last week, yay me!

So, sloooowly getting back on schedule. I know one thing to help me work through whatever it is that's bothering me right now is to make lists and cross things off it, so that's exactly what I've started.

Thanks for feels great to get this off my chest!

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