Monday, November 12, 2012

Six Week Challenge! Day 1

Well, here it is!

1.  Today is Day 1 - Day 1 of sustained clean eating and nurturing of the physical me!

2.  I celebrated my 52nd birthday over the weekend.  52 is a great number!

3.  My youngest daughter joined my gym, so as soon as my sweetheart's surgery is over and he's back on his feet, we're hitting the gym together a minimum of 3 times per week!  In the meantime, the weekend was spent putting away the last of farm/gardening/porch equipment and furniture.  Boy can I feel it today!  The dog will continue to benefit from walks and wandering time around the farm as I stay close to home and look after my guy.

4.  Work stress continues with balancing two positions; however, I have learned to say "no" to new projects in my old position.......while learning my new one. 

5.  I will be using MFP to track food and workouts.....and WW (as I still have six weeks in my current membership).  I will also continue to blog more consistently, and post on my fave WW boards.

6.  Very cool thing(s) happened over the past week - I signed up for the Schulich "Bust a Move" for Breast Health Campaign.  You can visit my page here:

Go Breast for Success!

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