Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 9!

Well, last evening I spent most of my time in the local hospital emergency department.  I had dropped a shovel on my right foot about ten days ago and it was more swollen last night than it had been......just wanted to make sure it wasn't broken.  Thankfully,  it's not, and the emergency-room Doc told me to keep moving, but no high impact anything for a bit.  He said regular gym visits were a great idea, just don't run!

Well, not being a runner........an aspiring one, perhaps, but not one who currently runs, I guess I have a "pass" to not start running until I'm in better physical shape.  Works for me :)

On that note; however, I'm off to the gym after work to meet up with my youngest daughter again - today will be treadmill warm-up and cool down, lots of stretching and a killer leg workout, with a smattering of abs thrown in.

I'm really pumped about sticking with this!

Food is still really on track as well as is my water consumption.......

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