Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Time for Learning

I've decided that my biggest problem is volume....I just have to much on my plate......

I can normally get through what NEEDS to be done, but that is always stuff outside of taking care of me.  I have recently learned the following:

I NEED to be first on the list.

I NEED to get organized.

I NEED to nurture myself both physically and mentally/emotionally.

Starting Sunday (I'm spending tomorrow and Saturday celebrating my birthday and figuring out how best to organize the most NEEDY areas of my life!)......I will roll out my six week plan.

My Partner has agreed to support me through the next six weeks and he too will be working on his own plan.

Watch out world :)


Just realized I have a Scale Victory to share!   167 and holding!  So the cleaner eating is working :)

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