Thursday, October 25, 2012

Patience and Focus

So, everyone knows you need to be patient, right?  Good things come to those who wait?  That last one, well, I don't completely agree with.  Not in a weight-loss, getting healthier, exercising more kind of thinking anyway.

So, I have finally realized that I CANNOT do everything, not all at once anyway.  But there is no reason I can't put my head down, focus and put a plan together to start incorporating smarter and healthier ways of doing things.  And that's exactly what I am now doing.....and have been for the past week or so.

I have just recently been promoted at work, which means a huge learning curve.  Unfortunately, as I work in a large Institution, the HR wheels do not move quickly at all.  So, I have my new job, and until the HR Gods revamp an old job description, post my current job, hire, and I train someone new, I have two very demanding roles.  Clearly, once again I CANNOT do everything, but I am doing my best to stay FOCUSED and deal with the important issues in both positions.

So, I'm being PATIENT and FOCUSING on what I can do in the limited time available to me personally.  I know that this situation will likely be resolved by the end of November (if I live that long - LOL!), but that does not mean that it's okay for me to sit waiting and not do things that are good for me.  Heck, the stress alone, if I don't manage it and take control of my down time will likely drive me over the edge.

So, last week, I got my eating under control.  This week, I've been taking lots of fresh veggies, hummus, planned lunch and snacks and a water bottle to work with me.......and this morning's sneak peek told me I've lost 2 lbs since the weekend.  Judging by my waistband, it's not water weight, it's weightloss!

Next week will still be a "push-me/pull-you" kind of week, having to drive across my small city numerous times to be in two places on the same day.  The following week; however, is the start of my "new" (thankfully temporary) schedule - Monday/Wednesday/Thursday in the new role, Tuesday/Friday in my former role.......and this will continue for the remainder of November.  This will allow me to get myself back into a rythm AND GET BACK TO ZEE GYM!  I cannot wait!  Having said that, though, I'm not rushing into it, I'm being PATIENT while I work through what I need to do........

So, I'm feeling:
a)  overwhelmed on some fronts, but am scheduling my life to try and not let it overcome me!
b)  in control because of a) above!

Wish me luck!

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  1. I wish you lots of luck this week! I'm no stranger myself to trying juggle my healthy eating and fitness routine around a busy day job, but if anyone can do it - it's us! Have a great week!