Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Friday!

Thought I'd share some of what's in my head right now.

There is a French saying "être bien dans sa peau" - roughly translated "being good in your own skin."  I can honestly say that I noticed this morning that I am not at all happy with how I feel in my own skin.  The weight and inches I lost has lightened up the fat areas on my body, but now they are loose and giggly.  I hate that.  HATE IT!  I feel like a bowl of jello that hasn't quite set yet.  It's ugly.  I doesn't look bad in clothing, it's how it feels that I don't like.

I've started really trying to focus on what my body is telling me and letting that being one of they main things that moves me.  I started paying more attention to what my body was saying after my Menière's diagnosis and it helps a lot!  With the Menière's my worst symptoms are tinitis and dizziness....once I start noticing them (I'm very good about tuning them out), I know I'm pushing limits - too much caffiene, too much processed food, not enough water, not enough sleep.......

Right now, it's saying, time to step back on the clean eating bandwagon, so 17DD here I come again, hopefully tomorrow.  I am transitioning to a new job (ie read working two full time jobs until someone is found to replace me in my current one) on Monday, so I am allowing myself to just coast on the workout front right now.  I will get back into a good routine, but with so many demands on myself, it's ridiculous for me to even entertain adding another structured activity to my life right now.  So I will walk my dog for cardio (and bring my camera when the weather allows it) and get through the next month or so.

Happy Friday!

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