Friday, October 12, 2012

Things are coming together!

So, a lot of people (most maybe) do Spring cleaning each year.  Living on a farm, that's just not realistic.  I do fall cleaning - and strangely enough am very much looking forward to this rainy weekend as I will be "stuck" inside for a good part of it and able to tackle purging exercises I've been putting off.

The TO DO list include:

1.  My closet!  I did some reorganizing and purging in the summer, but it now needs a revamp - put summer clothes away and organize and get rid of stuff I will never wear again.

2.  My sewing area - BIG purging exercise on the horizon.  I will likely make very few pieces of actual clothing for myself in the near future, so will share a lot of fabric I will likely  never use with my local Salvation Army store.  No point in keeping it anymore as it's been sitting in boxes and in piles for eons now.

What I am going to do instead is purge, reorganize (trip to Ikea in here for storage) and then start quilting again.  It's such a stress buster!

3.  My garage - I don't store my vehicle inside in the summer, but do store a lot of seasonal stuff instead, bikes, mowers, etc.  and of course every piece of "stuff" that the kids feel they're too lazy to actually put away (I think there are 3 or 4 coolers in there as well).  So I'm going to clear out my shed, move and store stuff from my garage in the shed and make room for my van.  I hate scraping windows in the morning (and have had to twice already this week), so it's definitely time.

4.  The office....well, likely that will wait for another week or so.


With purging clutter, comes peace.  Peace of mind for me.


Yesterday, I had an amazing face-to-face chat with my former trainer.  Boy I miss her.  Now that things are slowing down on the farm (work is still crazy mind you), I need to get myself back to the gym and back into a routine.  Yesterday, before our meeting, she e-mailed me my training schedule.....I'm going to do this solo (wish me luck on that one!).  But she's given me a total write up on what I've done in the past and organized it for me♥  Best thing of all, she gave me a diary to log everything into♥ and I will be checking in with her weekly to e-log my progress with her.

Who said long-distance relationships can't work?  She will be moving to NYC very shortly and she will still be my cheering section from afar:)

Happy Friday!

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