Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back to Basics

I'm not going to kid has been "happening" again.  I've been keeping my head down and working through some family issues....and things are finally seeming to stabilize.  Of course this kind of thing always happens around the holidays to make it even more fun, right?

Anyhoo!  Back to moi!

Today is Day 3 of "Back to Basics."  I'm not going to set any crazy goals that I won't achieve, I've just decided to give myself a break and not keep setting myself up for failure.  That being said, this does not mean that I'm giving up on the contrary actually.

I'm eating cleaner, planning meals.  My Fiancé is also on board with cleaner foods (he's making me a salad so I can eat 1/2 plate of salad and 1/2 plate of what everyone else is having).  I'm chosing to eat what's good for me.  After only 2 days, I'm already feeling better for it.

I have also returned to the gym, though this week looks like a bust only because of the learning curve in my new job, now that I'm finally here full-time.  There are, apparently, a lot of "things" that were not done efficiently or effectively, so I'm working on streamlining processes and figuring things out (ie seeing the big picture when working on projects).  It's invigorating.  I've decided to focus on working longer hours this week every day just to get to a comfortable place.  I am not going to work on the weekends.  And starting next week, I'm going to work late 2-3 days a week only....and yes, get to the gym the other days.

One other cool thing that has happened over the past month or two - my youngest daughter joined my gym (did I already mention this?), so we are working out together 2-3 times per week.  She's just back at school for the first week after the holidays, so she's also pushed for time until her schedule is worked out.  The other thing is that my fiancé joined the local YMCA with his son - and for a few extra $ per month, he took out a family membership, which means both myself and my two daughters can go and workout - family style!  We'll be starting that next week.  The family that works out together gets stronger, right?! :)

It feels like I'm slowly getting control over things and that in itself is very liberating!

Happy New Year!  I will be posting more regularly as of I feel that it's quite therapeutic just to get things out of my head!

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