Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Brrrrrrr! Baby it's COOOOLLLLDDD outside!

I live in the banana-belt of Canada - SouthWestern Ontario.  Half way between Toronto and Detroit, more or less.  It's usually much warmer here than anywhere else in Canada (and a lot of the US at times as well)....well, my trusty van said -18 this morning on the slide to work.....that was before the windchill.

Weird thing - I LIKE weather like this.  That is as long as I'm dressed for it!  Wish I were home today and could bundle up and chase the dog around the yard!  But, nope, I'm working!

Anyhoo, progress - yes I am making some.

Scale isn't budging, BUT....

1.  My rings are looser
2.  My waistband on my pants and my tights are looser
3.  I'm sleeping better.......

What I'm doing.....

1.  Planning my food intake, watching my sodium in particular, and tracking (shocking!)
2.  Getting to the gym and sweating - waking up with happily sore muscles the following day.
3.  Water - I'm drinking it!

I'll see what the scale says on Sunday morning.  So far, I've been very good about sticking to staying away from it!  And it's no longer messing with my head! 


So, travelling the world is something we're about to embark on - my fiancé and I are going to be visiting his daughter in South Korea and touring where she lives and Seoul, then flying off to the Philippines for a diving vacation. 

Here's the kicker.....because of Menière's, I found out that I cannot dive.  Soooooo, plan b is still to go where we had planned, they will dive alternate days and we will go snorkeling on the other days and visit some incredible local beaches (by boat).....and I will play with my camera, and download some books onto my IPad for the days they are diving.  Sounds tropically relaxing, doesn't it?

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