Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Persistance is the one thing that is going to get this done.

I did what I said I would do yesterday:

1.  Drank more water
2.  Planned and tracked my food
3.  Worked out at the gym.



1.  More water again
2.  Met with my sister for breakfast to pick her brain - she's a seasoned Project Manager and I needed a bit of coaching - it was awesome! 
3.  Plan and track my food - breakfast, lunch, snacks all planned and tracked.  Not sure about supper yet.
4.  Travel meds - off to the family doc today to discuss what lovely preventative meds we need for our adventure......DF went yesterday - antimalaria, anti-diarhea & cholera, Hep shots, etc.
5.  Hope to get to the gym if I get home at a decent hour.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Hello there...thanks for the comment. I alway pop in as have your blog on my news feeder.
    Great that you are at it again....its been 5 years for me and still going strong.....maintain my weight by a kilo or three!!! So happy :)

    1. I'm back at the beginning again, but I'm feeling great. I have definitely learned how to eat better, now on to losing again - I've managed to maintain like it's my job!

      Off on a fabulous vacation in less than two weeks, so will continue to eat well and work out until we leave, and then back to tracking and all that comes with it when we come back!